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How a young entrepreneur is advancing tourism in Kayonza

Manirabona Jean Bosco is a 30-year-old young man known for his significant role in Area X, particularly in the Kayonza Bomb. This young man initiated the Visit Kayonza project, through which he has been engaging people to explore the region.

In an interview with KURA, Manirabona explained that he had been using tourism facilities for a while, but significantly increased his efforts in 2020 when he began integrating them into his daily life to showcase the good aspects of the Kayonza District.

He expressed his commitment to promoting tourism in the district because it is his birthplace.

He said, “Kayonza is a rich District, and I have traveled extensively and seen many beautiful things. I wonder why these wonders are not widely known. I took it upon myself to showcase them so that people come and see for themselves and contribute to preserving our beautiful District because it holds many hidden treasures.”

Manirabona mentioned that in this District, they have the Akagera National Park, beautiful hills with cattle grazing in the Murundi Sector, tourism focused on Iyobakamana in the Gahini Sector, where there is a preserved historical wall, traditional artwork, and various attractions.

He mentioned that he started promoting the District, and initially, many people didn’t understand, but gradually they began to love it because he showed them many places, including those inhabited by the indigenous people of the District who were not known.

Manirabona stated that after four years of showing people the beauty of Kayonza District, he then decided to change the way people interact with the District by showing them various unique attractions.

This action was taken at the beginning of March, when people participated in various activities, including some restoration projects within the District, and contributed to the beautification of the city, which saw a significant reduction in littering and the enhancement of many beautiful attractions.

Manirabona mentioned that through these initiatives, the participating people showed appreciation in a way that gave him the strength to continue seeking ways for more people to visit the District.

He said, “Progress takes time, but now the leadership is willing to help. I am not alone because people have come to know that Kayonza District is beautiful and the leaders are willing to assist, as evidenced by the Visit Kayonza project, which has gained momentum and is attracting those interested in visiting the District.”

Manirabona mentioned that he currently has a platform to promote the many attractions in Kayonza, including the Akagera National Park and the area’s beauty.

He also expressed his desire to expand tourism, particularly in Iyobakamana in this district, because there are many attractions that people still need to become familiar with.

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