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Kamongo weaves success with Made in Rwanda fashion

Kamongo Ramazani, a 27-year-old man from Nyakabanda Sector in Nyarugenge District in the City of Kigali, has created his own profession in tailoring various types of clothing, including men’s underwear.

This 27-year-old man, who studied computer science and accounting in high school, says he grew up loving to create different things related to decorations and clothing, and he eventually realized his dream of doing it well after finishing his studies.

He mentions that he aims to establish a factory that produces ‘made in Rwanda’ clothing that is of international standard and authentic.

When you talk to Kamongo Ramazani, he tells you that he began to profit from his talent in 2018, starting with men’s underwear.

He said, “I had this idea after seeing that made in Rwanda was progressing, but there was no one making underwear, which is needed in the market. People end up buying second-hand clothes, and I felt it was not appropriate for Rwandans to wear such underwear when we also have the capability to make it ourselves.”

He continued by saying that people kept asking him to make other types of clothing besides men’s underwear, which led him to start making more.

He said, “People kept asking me to make other types of clothing, not just the underwear, that’s why this time I wanted to release a new line called Ubutwari, which is clothing that one can wear anywhere, and I wish that those who wear it will be inspired to perform heroic deeds in their everyday lives.”

Kamongo says he has employed 10 tailors and also has a cooperative of 20 women weavers he works with.

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