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Businesses by young people can help your business grow

For young entrepreneurs who are still starting businesses and find it hard to grow, some businesses can help you grow your business, and the bright side is that they are youth businesses.


If you need help with financial management and accounting for your books, Kudibooks is your plug. Kudibooks is a payment and accounting software for non-finance and non-accounting professionals.

Kudibooks is for micro, small, and medium businesses that find it harder and expensive to hire pro accountants. They become your instant virtual accountant.

Kudibooks does bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, payment integration, budgeting, reporting, and storage for its customers.

Kudibooks also encourages financial literacy with its blog section that tackles different financial topics.


VugaPay is a cross-platform payment service owned by Vuga Ltd, a Rwandan company. It was founded by Patrick Muhire and Cedrick Muhoza.

The firm allows businesses and users to transfer money across major payment systems, including credit card networks, mobile money, and Bitcoin via an API, USSD interface, a mobile phone app, or web interface.

VugaPay describes itself as a “digital wallet”, Users have a VugaPay balance that is used for their transactions. They can link their mobile money, bitcoin, PayPal bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards to their VugaPay account.

Paying with mobile money is free, but credit cards, bitcoin, PayPal, and bank accounts have a 3% fee for each transaction.


Pesachoice describes itself as “The one-stop shop for all your human resource-related needs” Pesachoice offers two services: PesaChoice Loans and MIDAS HR Software.

MIDAS HR Software provides a user-friendly, customer-focused tool to help organizations focus on their core business by making day-to-day business management effortless.

PesaChoice Loans seeks to bridge the gap between salary payouts and unexpected expenses for people with limited access to institutional credit. Through collecting customer data such as bills paid they can extend finances to their customers.

PesaChoice was born in 2016 out of the need to solve African challenges with African solutions. It was co-founded by Davis Nteziryayo who is currently the CEO of the Fintech.


PayingTone is a Fintech company that strives to provide accessibility and affordability of products & services that are essential to their customer’s basic standards of living.

PayingTone’s mission is to give people access to alternative financing mechanisms that help them sustain their basic lives. The App gives its users small loans that they can use for their basic needs.

You can access it through its App which is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. the app conducts credit analysis, looking at background information, and what one does, and asking them to upload different documents to help the system determine how much credit to offer.

The company was founded by Ignace Turatsinze and Brenda Munezero, they recently came in 2nd place in the Hanga Pitchfest 2022 competition where they were awarded $20,000.

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