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“Play your part in transforming the lives of Rwandans” – President Kagame addresses the youth

President Paul Kagame addressed the youth emphasizing that he counts on them to change Rwanda’s destiny, especially given their significant representation in the population.

During the opening of the 19th National Umushyikirano Council on January 23, 2024, President Paul Kagame expressed high expectations for the nation’s youth.

He said, “Looking at these past 30 years, someone born in 1994 is now 30 years old. There are many here in this room or outside, aged 30, on whom the country relies. Even those who are 25, 20 years old, are now among those whom the country looks upon to transform its life.”

President Kagame further emphasized that Rwandan youth should adopt a mindset acknowledging their responsibilities in serving their nation.

He stated, “What this means is, how they are raised, in families, how they are nurtured by the country and its politics. I would ask them today and tomorrow, or they may ask themselves, what lessons have they taken from their upbringing? What are they prepared to do for the Republic of Rwanda? It all depends on their mindset, their perception of their responsibilities, and understanding that the country counts on them.”

The Head of State also underlined the need for the youth to play a significant role in transforming the Rwandans’ living standards over the next 30 years.

He remarked, “In the next 30 years ahead of us, they have a substantial role in changing the lives of Rwandans, perhaps even more than we did. They should understand it in this way. They know what challenges need to be confronted.”

President Kagame stressed that the youth of Rwanda should resist numerous challenges rooted in Rwanda’s history that could hinder proper nation-building.

He also urged them to fight against bad habits and poor politics to prevent these from becoming obstacles in their journey to build the country.

He expressed, “You must understand the gravity of your duties as citizens, striving to be healthy individuals, who build themselves, their families, and their country.”

He conveyed that the secret to fulfilling these responsibilities lies in believing that nothing should prevent one from being true to oneself.

President Kagame encouraged attendees of the Umushyikirano to strive for their goals, emphasizing that no one should wait for these to be handed to them as gifts.

He affirmed that every Rwandan has learned the lesson of fighting and striving to become what they aspire to be.

Lastly, President Kagame told the youth, leaders, and various Rwandans present at the National Umushyikirano Council that if they wish to prevent Rwanda from reverting to its dark past, they must reject anything that might prevent them from being who they want to be.

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