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What happened before Munyabugingo founded Vuba-Vuba

Albert Munyabugingo, a Rwandan entrepreneur, saw the failure of others as an opportunity for him to begin a journey that could take him further than his peers.

He used to work for Jumia Group, a company with operations in Rwanda related to e-commerce.

Albert Munyabugingo says that when the management of this company decided to cease its operations in Rwanda and close its doors, he did not lose heart but instead seized the opportunity, which has now taken him far.

He revisited this message during his speech on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, on the second day of the 19th National Umushyikirano Council.

Albert said he began his work at Jumia as an ordinary employee and gradually climbed the ranks to become its chief executive in Rwanda.

He revealed that the idea of starting Vuba-Vuba came after Jumia decided to leave Rwanda.

He said, “I started working for Jumia in the customer support department, and through training and skill enhancement, I rose to the position of chief executive of Jumia here in Rwanda. That’s when, after some time, Jumia decided to stop their operations in Rwanda and two other African countries.”

In his speech to the attendees of the meeting, he continued, “[…] but as it left, I, as its leader, did not believe that this business was unfeasible due to the direction and infrastructure being vigorously developed in the country, and the potential we had started to see in ourselves as Rwandans. So, my colleague and I quickly realized that we needed to find a Rwandan solution and execute it well, better than it was before.”

Munyabugingo said they immediately decided to discuss this with their colleagues.

He said, “we showed them that we as Rwandans are capable and can provide a solution, and now, after four years, those colleagues see that we did not lie, as we have grown.”

This entrepreneur showed that they quickly started Vuba-Vuba, which has now significantly built its brand.

Currently, the company employs 45 permanent staff, and more than 130 motorbike riders, including women and girls, making up 8% of the workforce.

Most of the motorcycles used for delivering goods are electric, as part of an effort to protect the environment.

In its expansion, Vuba-Vuba now operates in four Rwandan cities including Kigali, Musanze, Rubavu, and Rusizi, the district where Albert was born and raised.

He continued, “We are still growing, as Rwandans we plan to connect ‘made in Rwanda’ producers with global markets, and help Rwandans abroad to purchase various products and send them home without any extra cost.”

He attributed this success to the country’s modern infrastructure and good governance, which always encourages the youth to find solutions within themselves and to utilize the knowledge they gain in their daily lives.

Albert advised young people seeking employment that to compete in the national or international job market, they need to develop the ability to solve existing problems, while those already employed should enhance their professionalism in service delivery and other areas.

He announced that for those creating their own jobs, persistence and continually gaining knowledge are the keys to achieving more, rather than resting on their laurels and believing they have reached a satisfactory level.

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