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“Use your knowledge to build the country – Patience Mutesi’s advice to the youth

BPR Bank Rwanda Plc’s CEO, Patience Mutesi, urges the youth not to waste these opportunities but to utilize them productively, advancing themselves, their families, their communities, and their country at large.

The finance expert indicates that there are significant efforts put into various programs to continue supporting the youth of the country in their self-development.

This message was conveyed by Patience Mutesi during a ceremony where 186 students were awarded certificates after completing their courses in vocational and technical education.

These students studied for six months with the support of the BPR Foundation, through the Igire program, which has been implemented for five years.

They pursued various courses, including welding, electricity, construction, water-related studies, repairing and maintaining electrical equipment, tiling, and woodworking in different schools across Rwanda.

Patience Mutesi, the CEO of BPR Bank Rwanda Plc, expressed her delight in the progress made by these students and encouraged them to work diligently to continue realizing their dreams and to be useful to their country.

She said, “I want to encourage you to continue being diligent, and I ask you to understand that you have the capability to change your lives and transform your communities.”

“The knowledge we have given you is not just for changing your lives alone but for bringing about changes that go beyond yourselves. I want to ask you to be discerning and use this knowledge in ways that can transform where you are, identifying problems and seeking solutions.”

Patience Mutesi showed these students the power of teamwork, as many good things are achieved through collaboration, and also urged them not to give up.

She stated, “There will be many things you try to do that seem to lead nowhere, but you must continue with effort and try to do something each day that surpasses what you did yesterday, so that your lives, those you live with, and society can be better.”

“Life is not easy; often, you see someone has reached somewhere, but it was not as easy as some may think. It requires a lot of effort, strength, and not giving up.”

Patience Mutesi said that they will continue striving to ensure the progress of the youth because they are the foundation of the country’s future development.”

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