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Five ways to stay stylish on a shoestring budget

Let’s be honest, dressing to impress can sometimes be quite a financial handful. The items you want to buy may sometimes be overpriced and your closet is full of clothes you never wear.

Let’s talk about five fabulous ways to stay stylish on a budget, all while keeping your bank account in check.

Do not follow trends instead develop a capsule wardrobe

Do you remember the time when everybody was buying skinny jeans and short skirts? And after a few seasons, it turned into Boyfriend jeans and high-waist pants and everybody and their moms were buying those. Igikari was full of such clothes. Now the trend has become Low-waisted jeans and Long maxi skirts.

Same with shoes, a few years ago people were into Doc Martins, Nike, and high heels. Whenever you went Downtown those are the shoes they were selling. But now, it changed to Addidas, New Balance, and short heels. This is just to say trends quickly fade away. It does not last long.

What you should do is invest in timeless pieces, and shoes that will be relevant after a few months. If you buy that pink Blazer in a few seasons it will be out of style and no body will be wearing it anymore. You should rather invest your hard-earned money in clothes that never really go out of style. You can see how styles from the 90s are coming back. That’s why your pieces should be timeless and timeless is not necessarily expensive.

Invest as well in wardrobe basics. This is another great way to simplify your look while keeping it stylish at the same time. You should start with classic items such as a great pair of jeans, simple heels, and even a cute blazer and cute tops. Then add in your favorite outerwear, such as a jacket or a nice blazer. Finally, top it off with stylish accessories like the perfect pair of sunglasses, earrings, and bracelets and you will never go wrong.

Don’t impulse buy

A great way to save money in fashion is to avoid impulse buying altogether. When you go shopping, never think of it as a recreational activity. It should be viewed as a way to add necessary pieces to your wardrobe that fit your current style and needs.

If your closet is already full, then there is no need for you to buy anything else unless it fits into these criteria.

Impulse buying leads to a haphazard closet and ends up blowing your budget for items you really love or need. Style on a budget is easy if you have a plan for your closet and style goals.

Buy off-season

Never, ever, ever buy summer clothes in summer. That’s when the prices are mostly up. Buying clothes is like buying a plane ticket, you buy it in low seasons when there aren’t many people traveling. That means that most items will be on discount.

Mix and match:

Some people think that being stylish is wearing the most expensive clothes. But did you know there is a thing called quiet luxury? These are clothes that are not from big brands but that look similar to big brands.

There is also a pairing of investment pieces with affordable finds. Splurge on a timeless blazer or a good pair of jeans, and then balance it out with budget-friendly tops or accessories. The key here is to strategically blend the pricier items with the more economical ones. Your fashion sense will thank you, and your wallet will too.

DIY Magic:

There are so many clothes that are kept in your closet that you never wear. Sometimes because you think they are not trendy or do not look good on you anymore. What can you do?

Get your creative juices flowing by giving your wardrobe a DIY makeover! Turn a plain tee into a stylish crop top, add some patches to your denim jacket, or even distress your old jeans for a trendy look. Pinterest and YouTube are brimming with DIY fashion tutorials, and the best part is that you can tailor your creations to fit your style perfectly. Not only does this save you money, but it also adds a personal touch to your wardrobe.

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