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Super 6 Young Entrepreneurs with Ambition

In a world burgeoning with creativity and technological advancements, young minds are making waves by turning challenges into golden opportunities. Institute of Applied Sciences known for its French alias as ‘Institut d’Enseignement Superieur’  (INES Ruhengeri) in partnership with Mastercard Foundation recently held the Career Development Centre Business Idea Pitch Competition.

It’s incredible how this platform enabled youth to showcase how they can shape the future. Today, we bring you the tales of six young entrepreneurs from INES Ruhengeri, who are the embodiment of the principle of ambition and problem-solving.

Isabelle Uwera (Blending Science with Business) 
In the world of science and entrepreneurship, Isabelle Uwera makes her mark with organic pesticides derived from rabbit urine. This innovative proposition made her the proud recipient of the 6th position in the same competition.

Grace Umubyeyi (Breathing New Life into Coffee Residue)
Where many see waste, Umubyeyi saw potential. From coffee residues, she crafts a range of products including jellies, scrubs, soaps, and detergents. Her approach to sustainability and innovation earned her the 5th place.

Sandra Ndahiro (The Vanguard of Home Security)
In a world where security concerns are paramount, Ndahiro presents a groundbreaking system. It detects suspicious activity and instantly notifies the homeowner. For her tech-savvy solution, she clinched the 4th spot.

Robert Iraguha (From Waste to Wealth)
For many, plastics spell waste. Not for Iraguha. His visionary concept of converting plastic into petroleum showcases a sustainable path to energy solutions. His groundbreaking idea won him the 3rd spot in the Ines Ruhengeri Career Advisory & Professional Development Centre Business Idea Pitch Competition.

Joselyne Abimana (A Healing Brew)
There’s tea, and then there’s Abimana’s blended tea. Packed with flavors and healing properties, her tea tackles noncommunicable illnesses, making it not just a treat for the palate but also a balm for the body. She bagged the 2nd position in the competition for this delectable innovation.

Sabina Marie Rose (The Sun-Powered Preserver)
After a disappointing experience with perishable goods, Sabina embarked on a journey to develop a method to preserve fruits, vegetables, and milk using solar energy. Her sustainable solution not only increased the shelf life of these commodities but also secured her the top spot in the competition.

These ambitious young individuals are not just entrepreneurs; they’re pathfinders, leading us into a sustainable, innovative future. Their stories resonate with KURA’s mission to ensure every young person knows the boundless potential they possess. We seek to inspire, to share knowledge, and to drive success.

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