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Inzu Films Launches Filmmaking Boot Camp for Aspiring Rwandan Talent

Rwanda is embracing the cinematic allure that lies in captivating storytelling, artful lighting, and precise shooting, Kigali-based Inzu Films supported by the French Embassy in Rwanda is set to roll out its “Ready To Shoot” TV Series production Bootcamp. Targeting the nation’s youth, this initiative seeks to harness and elevate the latent talent of aspiring Rwandan filmmakers.

Spanning six months, this comprehensive program is tailored to both amateurs and those with a budding background in the craft. Participants will journey through the intricate facets of filmmaking, from the art of writing compelling narratives and mastering the dynamics of lighting to the art of editing.

Jean Luc Mitana, the founder of Inzu Films, is no stranger to the limelight. Having embarked on his filmmaking journey in 2006 with the Almond Tree Films Collective, Mitana lent his expertise to Lee Isaac Chung’s seminal feature film, ‘Munyurangabo’. His most recent directorial endeavor, the short film UJE, produced by Malia Scotch Marmo, has been showcased in esteemed arenas such as FESPACO 2023, Khourigba International Film Festival, and Ecrans Noir Film Festival.

The boot camp won’t just benefit from Mitana’s rich experience. A team of seasoned film professionals including Marie Clementine Dusabejambo, Joel Karekezi, Kivu Ruhorahoza, Nibagwire Didacienne, Safali Eugene, Mutiganda wa Nkunda, Jean Luc Nsengiyumva, among other esteemed artists in Rwanda.

“For those embarking on their cinematic journey or seasoned practitioners looking to refine their prowess, our boot camp promises a transformative experience. And this is not just for males, as female participants are encouraged to apply and be part of this interactive experience, where they will learn and do and have access to a workstation” said Mitana. A few standout participants will also get a unique opportunity to produce their TV episodes, subsequently joining an anthology of six.

Echoing the visionary foresight akin to tech luminary Steve Jobs, endeavors like Inzu Films’ bootcamp project an exhilarating future, where Rwanda’s youth endeavors and move from amateur filmmakers to cinematic entrepreneurs.

Prospective participants aged between 22 and 27 with a natural pull for storytelling can seize this golden opportunity. Apply here.

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