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Safe Sex or No Sex?

Navigating the journey of youth is thrilling, filled with discoveries, relationships, and moments of self-awareness. Yet, amid this journey, there lies a responsibility, one that is often not talked about as much as it should be. This is the realm of Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH). The age-old adage, “Prevention is better than cure,” holds profound truth here.

Sexual activity brings with it a world of emotions, connections, and yes, consequences. For young people, the repercussions of unprotected sexual activity can be life-changing. Unintended pregnancies, STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), and HIV/AIDS are very real concerns. The emotional and physical toll of these can be immense, but the good news? They’re largely preventable.

Protection isn’t just about contraceptives; it’s about empowerment. Here’s how:

Knowledge: Equip yourself with information. Understand your body, its needs, and how different contraceptives work. Whether it’s condoms, birth control pills, or other methods, make informed choices.

Open Conversations: Encourage dialogue about SRH with partners, peers, and health professionals. Shatter the taboo. An open conversation can ensure both partners are on the same page, reducing risks and fostering trust.

Regular Health Checks: Sexual health isn’t a one-time conversation. Regular check-ups can detect and treat potential issues early, emphasizing the “prevention over cure” approach.

    Every decision you make today shapes your tomorrow. Choosing to prioritize your sexual health is an investment in your future, a future free from the anxiety of unintended consequences, a future where you hold the reins.

      With this ‘In Kigali, we Share’ mantra, embrace your journey, cherish your relationships, but remember to always prioritize your well-being. With prevention, you’re not just avoiding potential pitfalls; you’re ensuring a healthier, brighter sex life. Take charge, and stay safe!

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