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Youth in Action: Building stronger communities through Digital Literacy

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As a young person, have you ever wondered how you can contribute to your community? Have you ever thought about using your digital skills to make a positive impact? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re talking about taking action and bridging the digital gap in Rwanda.

The digital gap refers to the unequal distribution and access to digital technology and information. In our modern world, digital literacy and access to technology are crucial for success in education, employment, and daily life. Unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to these resources, and this can create a disadvantage for those who are left behind.

So, what can we do to bridge this gap and ensure that everyone has equal access to digital technology and information? The answer is simple: take action. As young people, we have the power to create change in our communities by organizing events, volunteering, or creating digital literacy programs.

Uwamahoro Blandine, a graduate at the Umugandathon project, saw a need in her community which was to address the lack of basic computer skills among students especially high school graduates. Uwamahoro and her team developed the Digital Technology Skills (DTS) group, where they had computers over the weekend and taught digital skills to the program’s students.

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Uwamahoro Blandine presenting her project to other young people

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Organizing events is a great way to bring people together and raise awareness about the importance of digital literacy. You can organize a digital skills workshop or a technology fair to showcase the latest advancements in technology. By bringing people together, you can create a community of people who are passionate about bridging the digital gap.

Volunteering is another way to make a difference in your community. You can volunteer at a local library or community center to teach digital literacy skills to those who may not have access to technology. By sharing your knowledge and skills, you can empower others to use technology to improve their lives.

Creating digital literacy programs is also an effective way to bridge the digital gap. You can start by identifying the needs of your community and designing a program that addresses those needs. For example, you could create a program that teaches basic computer skills to adults who are new to technology. By creating a program that meets the needs of your community, you can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Ntirabishaka Samuel, for instance, identified a gap in the digital world, especially women who are the majority with little access to technology, founded an organization named Eastern Technologies Services Ltd. This organization provides digital literacy and tools to women in rural areas. Ntirabishaka has now trained more than 100 women.

ntirabishaka samuel umaze kwigisha ikoranabuhanga abagore barenga 100 agiye kuryigisha abasigajwe inyuma namateka 3 jpg
After having taught technology to more than 100 women, Ntirabishaka hopes to reach more women in marginalized communities

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Now, you may be wondering, “How do I get started?” The answer is simple: take action. You don’t need to have all the answers or a perfect plan to make a difference. All you need is a willingness to learn, a passion for helping others, and a desire to make a positive impact.

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