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Unlocking opportunities for young people in rwanda’s booming sector


The hospitality sector in Rwanda is a growing industry, and it presents an array of opportunities for young people. It is essential to understand that this sector is not just about demeaning jobs, but it also offers exciting and rewarding career paths.

In an interview with Marius Nzabandora, who works in the Retreat by Heaven’s sales and marketing department, says the industry is fast-growing and innovative. He says it is full of opportunities since the industry is thriving these days because people have realized its worth.

Rwanda, as a country, is known for its vibrant tourism industry, which is a key contributor to its economic growth.

The sector has been growing steadily over the past decade, and it is projected to continue on an upward trajectory. This growth is driven by various factors such as the country’s beautiful scenery, rich culture, and wildlife.

One of the most promising aspects of the hospitality sector in Rwanda is the growth potential that it offers. With the country experiencing an increase in tourism, the demand for services in the hospitality sector has grown as well. This has resulted in the creation of new businesses, including hotels, resorts, and restaurants, which in turn, have created many job opportunities for young people.

These services require different skills and expertise, ranging from management, marketing, customer service, culinary arts, and many others. Thus, there is an opportunity for young people with diverse talents to find a career in this sector.

Nzabandiho said that Previously, most people in Africa were unaware of the importance of hospitality, but “things are different now.”

He said, “The range of hospitality is extensive. You could work in the field, marketing, the front office, culinary, guest relations, hotel operations management, or general management. You should not limit yourself to one aspect of hospitality.”

“If marketing does not work for you, try sales; if sales do not work for you, try front office… But there’s no reason it couldn’t work for you because if you’re willing to work, anything is possible.”

One of the most significant advantages of working in the hospitality industry is the potential for career growth. Entry-level positions such as waiter, housekeeper, or receptionist can lead to management roles with the right training and experience.

Nzabandiho said that “Everything is possible if you are willing to work hard and have a goal in mind. We all came from far. You only need to be willing, consistent, and eager to learn.”

Adding that one must have a vision. He said, “ You must project where you want to be in two years, five years, and so on… You must be willing to study and undergo training.”

In addition, the hospitality sector provides excellent opportunities for skill development and personal growth.

When The Retreat first started in 2008 as ‘Heaven Restaurant’ it also acted as a hospitality training hub. They have trained over 2500 people to date and these people are competing in the market today.

The hospitality sector also offers exciting and diverse work environments. From luxury hotels to outdoor adventure resorts, there are many different settings for young people to explore. These work environments provide opportunities to meet new people, learn about different cultures, and gain a broader perspective of the world.

Nzabandiho said that In the hospitality industry, anything is possible.

He said, “You do not need degrees from prestigious universities. You only need a few skills and the willingness to train and hone the ones you already have. You can rise to any level.”

It is worth noting that the hospitality sector in Rwanda is not just limited to traditional roles, such as hotel staff or restaurant servers. There are many other opportunities that may not be immediately apparent, such as working in event planning, marketing, and even digital media.

These roles require a range of skills, including creativity, communication, and attention to detail, which young people may possess without realizing it.

The Retreat By Heaven offers different opportunities for young people such as internships, jobs and trainings

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