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Untold love stories: All cards on the table

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I know today most of you are all in your lovely dovey feelings. So before I put an end to this love drama, let me first say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you. For those who are dating, I hope you had a lovely time in each other’s company & for the singles, just I trust you celebrated the day with family, friends or even showed yourself love.

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In my mind, I had never imagined things going down that road. I was not sure if I had to let them fight or I was to hold them back. What if I hold one and as I hold her, the other one beats the one held. What if I was to get in trouble with the administrator for being the cause of this possible violence. My mind was racing, heart pacing and reality crumbling in.

Have you ever seen those stand offs before a boxing match? When one fighter has their face right in the face of the other fighter? That heavy breathing and eye that screams hate and violence. Yes, that was that moment. It was a moment of truth.

They looked at each other, for a moment there was no but loud silence. Then with a smirk on her face, Vee uttered ‘…he is off limits but I am not going to fight for him. He came back to me cause he could not find another me in you. You can try to be me but you are no match..’

This was no way to start a conversation but hey, at that moment I still had nothing to jump in for. This is what I thought til Hazelnut decided to clapback ‘…well, if you had it under control he would not even think of leaving. We all know your dirty laundry. You have been begging the guy to get back with you and he only came back cause I did not want him anymore’

Okay, firstly this was true but so unnecessary to share. It was at this moment that the same hurt and hate I had gone through as I plugged Vee’s phone in for charging. She turned to me and smiled. With tears running down her cheeks, I felt sorry. She now knew that she was playing and she had fallen for the game.

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I knew I was on my way to lose both girls, so out of wanting to balance my world and making sure that I do not lose. I stepped back and told both of them that they were dramatic and petty. I had to ‘out’ myself before it was too late. So I laid all the cards on the table. Confessed all my plans and as I unpacked my vendetta strategy, I could see more and more tears trickling down Vees cheeks.

I stood there, said my truth without remorse and without fear. As I had programmed it, I was at the verge of losing both girls. In Shona they say ‘chokwadi hachiputsi hukama’ basically this means that telling the truth will never destroy relations. Yes people can be made for a while but hey, the truth sets people free.

After all this drama, Vee and I made up. For real this time. We broke up later as I had received an offer to work fulltime and school part-time. I would go to school for a week a month and in those few weeks, we would hangout and catch up. She calls me Psycho. Hazelnut and I are a story for another day. We are not enemies. We even tried dating again later but we could not keep that long distance thing going.

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