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Minister Mbabazi identifies three ‘Missions’ for today’s youth

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Every country strives for a better future and a more resilient economy, but this can only be accomplished if the country’s youth are willing to learn and take on responsibility.

Rwanda is a small nation with few natural resources. With that in mind, Rwanda’s best resource is its people, particularly Rwandan youth.

Statistics show that people under the age of 35 account for nearly 80% of the population, which explains why young people are the focus of attention.

Although the country owes much to the youth, there are hundreds of things that the country expects from this group, as recently revealed by Rosemary Mbabazi, Minister of Youth and Culture.

This is the advice she gave to over 600 young people who took part in the “Rubyiruko Menya Amateka Yawe” program recently.

The program aims to instill in youth the values of patriotism, heroism, unity, and tolerance that are ingrained in Rwandan culture and history.

It is a Kigali City program in collaboration with the Ministries of Youth and Culture, National Unity and Civic Engagement, and the National Youth Council.

Among those having various discussions with young people were Gen James Kabarebe, Minister of Youth and Culture Rosemary Mbabazi, and Kigali City Mayor Prudence Rubingisa.

The youth went to the Gisozi Genocide Memorial and the National Liberation Museum Park in Kigali.

Minister Mbabazi thanked the youth for their outstanding activities such as entrepreneurship and others, as well as those who demonstrated a desire to learn about the country’s history.

She stated that it was clear that they wanted to know their history.

She kept telling them, “What we talked about today is the foundation; you can’t do anything if you don’t know your country’s history and don’t love it. You are known as Inkomezamihigo.”

Minister Mbabazi advised the youth to set three important goals.

“You are the protector of our country,” she said. You must be the country’s eyes and ears to ensure that it is not disturbed.”

She informs them that a motorist driving someone who is about to throw a grenade may ignore it at the time, only to discover that their loved ones were in the location they bombed.

Second, she informed them that they have a mission to ‘develop the country,’ which entails them taking their hands out of their pockets, as this encourages people to grow and accomplish more in order to contribute to the nation.

Minister Mbabazi reminded the youth that they have the responsibility to ‘Preserve Achievements’ in addition to developing and protecting the country.

Minister Mbabazi told the young people in attendance that the buildings and monuments they see today did not always exist. They must be maintained in order for the country’s rapid development and achievements to continue.

She stated that these ‘Missions’ will be accomplished by the youth when they are valued because they are the ones who distinguish one person from another or one country from another. Patriotism, unity, civility, purposefulness, and other values were among those she shared.

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