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Aeronautics, Cyber Security course and others: Kent State University launches its center in Rwanda

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Kent State University, based in Ohio, USA, recently opened its doors in Rwanda, where it is expected to help improve the quality of education for young people.

The University of Rwanda (UR) and Kent State University, a higher learning institution based in the United States, officially opened a center in Rwanda and plan to collaborate to launch various programs, including aeronautical engineering.

The center, located at UR’s College of Science and Technology (UR-CST), will serve as an operational site for Rwanda-based Kent State University staff who are set to make the partnership thrive and offer assistance in the preparation of various programs to be implemented.

This branch is now offering new courses that were previously unavailable at other universities in the country. It is expected to be a solution for Rwandans and Africans in general who want to get a good education without having to travel to the West.

Dr. Uwamariya Valentine, Minister of Education, stated that employers in the labor market want people who are highly skilled and knowledgeable, which Kent State University’s education and curriculum will provide.

“When you have the skills, everything becomes easier,” she explained. “After all, employers want capable employees, which is why we put so much effort into this.”

She also stated that the University’s Aeronautical Engineering courses will be a great opportunity for young people who wish to study there, as Rwanda is looking to expand that sector.

Marcello Fantoni, Vice President of Global Education at Kent State University, stated that scholarships will be provided to students attending Kent State University.

“We must be ready to assist them in terms of capacity, and we will do so more in the future,” he said.

According to Fantoni, this is a great opportunity for students from Rwanda and other African countries because they will be able to study in both Rwanda and Ohio.

These students will also benefit from Kent State’s joint program with the University of Rwanda, which allows students to study for two years at UR and then continue abroad for another two years, earning double degrees from both institutions.
The university’s academic programs include Science and Technology, Architecture and Mathematics. The courses also include Cyber ​​Security, Aviation, Airport Management and Operations, Military Courses and others.

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