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I tried this trick to be more productive and it worked!

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who despise Mondays and those who adore them. Did you know it’s a psychological phenomenon? We’ll talk about it later.

Let’s talk about being productive on Mondays and other weekdays today. Don’t worry, this isn’t just another motivational tip I’m going to give you; it’s something I’ve actually tried.

So, I was scrolling through Instagram reels like a normal addict about a week or two ago when I came across a few Andrew Tate videos—I know he is controversial, but hear me out—he explained a trick that he likes to use to be more productive and do what he has to do.

During one of his online podcast sessions, he stated that training is something he despises, which is why he does it first thing in the morning.

As a result, he explained his theory, and when I tested it, I discovered that it works.

His theory is that if you complete the most difficult tasks first thing in the morning, you are more likely to complete everything else faster and in a better mood.

And I eventually resorted to doing it every morning. Now, there is one thing I despise doing every morning [which I won’t say here for security reasons], but I was wondering if I could do it first thing in the morning.

The first time I attempted it, it was pretty tiring. I won’t lie, I was exhausted afterward and my attention span was zero.

I tried it again the next day, and while it was slightly better, I still couldn’t get it done as quickly as I could, and I was too exhausted to do anything else afterwards.

As you may have guessed, I lacked consistency and would frequently postpone and procrastinate.

Not just any procrastination, but the kind you’d get in school where you’d put off studying for an exam by doing other things like cleaning your room or cooking.

But after a few days, I’d look forward to finishing that part of my day because, guess what… I’d feel less anxious and stressed when it was done.

And after a week or so, I can confirm that this trick works. So, on days like Mondays when you feel exhausted and have no energy to do anything, try this trick out and see how it goes.

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