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A solution for a perfectionist procrastinator

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Do you sometimes get anxious because you want to get things done perfectly but you are always doing things last minute? Well, they say procrastination killed a cat. Oh wait sorry, that is curiosity. I meant; procrastination is a thief of time!

Well here is a solution for us procrastinators

Get in touch with the value of what you’re doing

I know you are trying to get things done but somehow you find yourself on Instagram scrolling and scrolling. To avoid that you first have to know the value of what you are doing and what it means to you.

Do not set unrealistic goals

Yes, you are a perfectionist. You tend to want things a certain way, but you have to remember what your goals are and how you can attain them realistically.

No one cares that much

As a perfectionist I know sometimes you just want to impress people but you have to remember to let that desire go and focus on what really matters.

Remember you have to understand there is a difference between excellence and perfection.

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