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The curse of the resilient: A poem by Bruce the poetik wolf

In a world,
where no one has ever walked a mile without collecting dust –
Even in the darkest moments,
I have seen Days born from Dusk;

in the eye of the storm
when my mind is right
I sleep, I sleep, I sleep Soundly…
When People see me smile –
with a cloud over my head,
They say
“Look at that foolish optimist, Look at him”


They just don’t understand!

The house in which I spend most of my days
is crumbling
and the stairs ahead scream unsteady,
So in order for me to hang on a smile,
With a heart full of worries,
I take a breathe,
I clench my fist,
and take a step
I sing a tune to distract myself,
To keep my mind from wandering and wondering,…
Whether the floor beneath my feet might cave in.

People might call it brave,
It’s not,
It’s impulsiveness dressed as courage,
Like a horse being led by a dangling carrot,
ignoring the failures that fills his carriage,
Because Sometimes the only way to not be afraid,
Is to think, of the dream that is ahead.

A long time ago, I aimed too high

And refused to settle for less.
The struggles I face are not to impress
or to please my parents,
the only thing my resilience
ever brought between us,
is just more and more and more distance!
I don’t do it for the easy life,
I fail more than I win
I lose more than I gain,
And Yet,… I go on.

I see the light, i just missed it, i see the sun, andd it burn

Around my castle of mental stability,
I have built walls to keep it from collapse;
One of those walls is resilience,
The ability to crawl even when you can’t walk,
To keep giving even when you have nothing to give,
Sometimes its a blessing and other times its a curse,
A villain that can trap you in the loop of rejection,
I can still remember the heart break, the scars,
Fucking resilience!
A villain that can trap you in the loop of rejection,
And not being able to recognize when a war is lost.

I should have stopped a long time ago,
But I convinced myself that true failure would be to quit,
I learn to fall and take the hit,
Correcting more scars along the way
With enough blood to spare for tomorrow.

Sometimes I feel like giving up,
In those moments when the sun refuses to shine,
And all you can see on top of your head is a rainy cloud,
When the voices of disappointment become too loud,
But at the last minute,
That bloody curse I love to hate
kicks in and remind me that:
“as long as I’m above the ground I can go for another round.”

The curse of the resilient

Straight out of Twitter