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COP 27: Good news, bad news

COP 27 has been underway for several weeks. The annual conference had been anticipated for a long time because the most important climate decisions were to be made, but there appears to be a long way to go.

The UN just published the first draft of all the climate agreements that have been reached. Some are positive, but it appears that some issues remain unresolved.

The 20-page document is labeled a “non-paper,” indicating that it is far from final and that negotiations between delegates from nearly 200 countries are still ongoing.

What is in the draft

Some 150 countries have signed up to the Global Methane Pledge, a US-EU initiative to reduce emissions of this planet-warming gas.

It was launched at COP26 last year to combat leaks, venting, and flares in the natural gas industry. Today, US climate envoy John Kerry updated the pledge, saying it will also target methane emissions from agriculture and the waste industry.

The draft emphasized how the Paris Agreement temperature goal should be followed by all parties involved, as well as limiting the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

However, it did not include a pledge to phase out all fossil fuels if the temperature goal is not met.

The draft included the adoption of Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE), which outlines short-term, specific, and time-bound activities to empower all members of society, including youth, to engage in climate action.

However, the plan to establish a fund for loss and damage was not included in the text, despite the fact that many countries are seeking reparations for all damages because they are the most affected while being minor contributors to the climate change issue.

Despite the fact that this was the main topic of discussion at COP27, it appears that parties are not yet ready to reach an agreement.

Other unresolved issues include calls to increase a global goal for finance to assist developing countries in adapting to the effects of a warmer world, as well as plans to increase targets for reducing climate-warming emissions.

The plan mentioned several topics that were discussed throughout the conference, but no final decision has been made.

Even the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, tweeted that “COP27 is scheduled to close in 24 hours – and negotiators remain divided on a number of significant issues,” is concerned.

He urged them to act quickly because the entire world is watching. He requested that they stand and deliver.

The secretary General of the UN urged the parties for action

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