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Youth inspired by Women Deliver to act and react for gender equality

The fight for gender equality, now more than ever, is not restricted to any geographical boundary, age, or demographic. It’s a global battle fought with a unified spirit and unwavering determination.

The youth has been significantly inspired and influenced by the Women Deliver 2023 conference. The youthful vigor of a generation unafraid to question the status quo is now voicing its demands.

Women Deliver is the leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women.

The 2023 conference had more than 6000 decision-makers. It has joined Civil society, government representatives, the private sector, international agencies, women’s rights organizations, youth-led organizations, LGBTQIA organizations, and more.

The conference gathered many organizations among which youth-led organizations have been given platforms to speak up

This year’s conference theme is Spaces, Solidarity, and Solutions. The objective is to advance gender equality for girls and women and to drive political and financial investment to better the lives of women and girls worldwide.

Igitego Honorine, a Rwandan student from Mount Kenya University Kigali, attended the conference and underscore this rising tide of change.

Igitego highlights the essential role of technology in the fight for gender equality. “The first thing I’ve learned is that we should use technology in a way that helps us to act whether it is in gender equality or any violence against women and girls,” she says.

As we move further into the digital era, technology has become an indispensable tool for advocacy and awareness-raising. With its global reach, it allows young people to share information, mobilize resources, and amplify their voices, driving forward the cause of gender equality.

Women Deliver continues until 20th July

She brings attention to the importance of courage in knowing and claiming our rights as women.
“We should be courageous enough to know our rights as women and girls,” she asserts.

Awareness and assertion of rights form the foundation of any fight against inequality. When young people, especially girls, are educated about their rights, they become empowered to challenge discriminatory practices and create transformative change.

Gender equality, according to this young woman, is not an issue confined to women. She expresses, “We believe we are equal to men and that gender issues aren’t about women; it’s all about society. The whole community is involved; it is inclusive and applies to all of us.”
The call here is for collective action. It’s a call for everyone, regardless of gender, to contribute to creating an equitable society. Gender equality benefits everyone by fostering social and economic growth, promoting peace, and reducing poverty.

During the Kickoff President Paul Kagame said that there is a need to challenge ourselves to do things differently, and with a sense of urgency since the current pace will not allow countries to meet the gender equality targets.

He said, “Much more remains to be done, to tackle biased attitudes about gender, which are deeply embedded in our political, social, and economic systems. All of us share the responsibility, to play an active role in changing these negative mindsets.”

President Paul Kagame believes it is important to hold each other accountable

Young women such as Igitego Honorine recognizes the value of open dialogue in enhancing societal mindsets, especially in Africa. She stresses that it is important to spark conversations, challenge traditional norms, and pave the way for progressive changes, ultimately contributing to broader societal advancement.

She said, “Having such kind of conferences, especially in Africa helps African people to be open-minded in every aspect, and it helps in improving and developing communities and society’s ways of thinking.”

The young advocate expresses a strong belief in the youth’s potential to create a more equitable world.

She said, “As youth, we should be fostering inclusivity, young people can contribute significantly to creating a more just and equitable world for all. This includes tackling the issues regarding gender and women’s rights through every single aspect,” she says.

She goes on to assert, “We should strengthen our abilities and capacities in believing we could be game changers.”

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