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Your greatest business idea could be right under your nose: Featuring ILBA products

akora mavuta atandukaniye ku ngano yamacupa

Sometimes we think that having a business idea is complicated, that you have to think of the best one or that you have to meditate for hours to get just one really good idea, but Izere Laure Bella Ange shows us that a business idea can be right under your nose.

Izere Laure Bella Ange, 21, is the proud founder of ILBA products, a company that manufactures organic products for natural hair, such as shampoo and hair butter.

She also sells natural hair accessories such as silk hair bonnets, combs, detangling hair brushes, shampoos, and spray bottles.

Izere launched her business in December 2020, inspired by the lack of natural hair products on the market, as well as the fact that it was difficult for her to do her hair during the pandemic because she couldn’t go to the salon.

Because her hair was difficult to manage due to its texture, she came up with the idea of creating products that were purely natural and could help her.

She desired to develop natural hair products that would make it easier for people with kinky and coily hair to care for their hair. She then began researching the various hair products on the market, determining what works and what does not.

She resorted to educating herself about natural hair on various media platforms such as YouTube and others.

” I began the project. I now sell natural hair butter and shampoo.”

She incorporates sesame, avocado oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, and other ingredients into her products, and her homemade shampoo contains hibiscus flowers and avocado.

She grows the plants in Rwanda, but some of the ingredients are imported from Ghana.

She began the project by producing 20 bottles in five days, but her business grew and things changed, and she now produces 100 bottles in one day and the shampoo in two days.

From an idea that was right under her nose, ILBA products emerged. We can even call it the Rwf 1 million idea because that is how much she makes from her small business.

This Rwanda Standards Board, RSB, certified young female manufacturer makes her products based solely on 100% natural ingredients.

She encourages young people to be innovative and creative because “…it is better to be self-employed and give others opportunities,” which will help reduce the number of unemployed youth.

You can order her products from her website,, and you can also learn how to care for your hair from their blog section.

Her different customers were really pleased by her products, especially the ‘I CAN’ butter that makes hair softer and manageable.

The inspiration for the name I CAN came from the fact that she wants young people, particularly African youth, to know that they can take care of their own hair and that African hair is not that difficult to care for and manage; she believes it all depends on the products used.

We encourage young people to promote the businesses of other young people. #KURA for youth by youth! Shop local!

akora mavuta atandukaniye ku ngano y'amacupa
Izere Laure Bella Ange, founder of ILBA products
ubwoko bwamavuta yahereyeho
Her products are 100% natural
ubwo yitabirag imurikabikorwa ryabereye muri serena hotel
She makes different sizes and different quantity
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You can also learn how to take care of your hair through her blog on the website

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