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Young CEO, Baraka, is empowering young talents in the entertainment industry

The world of entertainment is ever evolving from time to time and dynamic. However, there not enough platform that aims to uplift and support talented young individuals across the industry. Baraka Entertainment, founded and led by Nsengimana Baraka Isaie, has emerged as a beacon of opportunity for aspiring artists seeking a voice and recognition in the industry.

The company was founded in 2017 with the aim to assist talented young people in the entertainment industry. Baraka Entertainment is not limited to a specific art form; it encompasses a wide range of talents, including musicians, dancers, choreographers, poets, and professionals in the technical sectors such as sound, light, and videography.

At the heart of Baraka Entertainment’s mission lies a strong focus on young people. Nsengimana Baraka, the founder and CEO, believes that the youth possess a unique drive, creativity, and passion that fuels innovation and shapes the future.

Baraka believes there is a need to give a platform to young people

In our conversation with this passionate young man he said, “Baraka aspires to be a solution for talented young people seeking opportunities in the industry. We focuses on young people.”

While the platform values the contributions of experienced professionals, it recognizes that empowering the next generation is crucial for building a sustainable and thriving industry.

One of the fundamental requirements to be a part of Baraka Entertainment is talent and passion. He says” The first requirement is that you be talented and passionate. We also consider age. We want to empower young people because they are the future. To build a sustainable future, we must begin with them.”

The founder says talent is not enough, young people should up-skill as well

Nsengimana Baraka emphasizes that to be successful in this industry, individuals must possess unwavering zeal and dedication to their craft.

The young talent believes to succeed in the industry talent is not enough. He believes every artists every talent should upskill either buy pursuing studies or taking part in different trainings.

His collaboration with recent graduates from institutions like the Nyundo School of Arts and Music have demonstrated the advantage of having a strong educational foundation in the arts. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enhancing the quality of artistic endeavors.

Many people were not supportive at first but with consistency he managed to build a network

Nsengimana Baraka’s journey in establishing Baraka Entertainment was not without challenges. Initially, many people doubted his abilities as a young graduate embarking on such a venture.

He said, “ When I first started this business, many people were confused. They could only see a young man who had just finished his studies.”

“Obtaining connections was another challenge. I lacked a large network. But I did everything I could to help others,” he continued.

His unwavering faith in divine intervention and the power of prayer propelled him forward, enabling him to overcome these doubts and persevere.

Nsengimana Baraka highlights that opportunities rarely present themselves without effort. He encourages aspiring artists to actively seek out and pursue these opportunities. With persistence, knocking on doors, and seizing chances wherever they may arise, talented individuals can unlock a world of possibilities in the entertainment industry.

Baraka believes consistency and discipline are some of the things that can help those in the industry

In his own words, Nsengimana Baraka advises young talents to be fearless and self-assured. He encourages them to explore their passions, be it in music, dance, poetry, or any other creative endeavor. Taking that initial step and embarking on their artistic journeys can lead to unexpected collaborations and partnerships, paving the way for personal and professional growth.

Looking into the future, Nsengimana Baraka envisions a bright future for Baraka Entertainment. His goals extend beyond personal success and encompass the well-being and progress of his team and the youth at large.

He aims to expose numerous talents from various provinces, not limited to the capital city of Kigali. By offering opportunities and generating income for young artists, Baraka Entertainment also strives to instill discipline and debunk the notion that music is solely for rebellious individuals.

The platform focuses on young people

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