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Who said working out should be expensive?

One of the trends among the youth in these days is a good work out in the gym. For those who know, to be allowed to work out in a ‘Gym’, there is a fee you have to pay either per visit or you can pay for a month or a year at once.

Those who are used to working out in these facilities, many have gone beyond paying per visit, instead, they purchase a subscription for that month or for certain months depending on their wallet.

I recently met a young man, and when I asked him why he doesn’t do sports, he told me that he only exercises when he has the money to pay for the Gym. He continued to tell me that when he goes there, he pays 5000Frw, but if he has some extra money, he pays for a monthly subscription because it’s cheaper.

Between 10 and 15 years ago, many households had various sports equipment like the barbell, known as ‘haltère’, ‘parallel bars’ known as bare, and sometimes a ‘Pulley’ depending on the preferred workouts of the household members, although many of these seemed to serve similar purposes.

When I met this young man, I told him that there are many ways to do physical exercises without having to spend a lot of money and still lead a healthy life.

I thought that there are many others who think like the young man I met, and that’s the reason for this story, to remind many others like him that there are various ways to take care of your health.


One of the best and affordable ways to exercise is jogging, also known as ‘Jogging’. This is popular among many who do it in the morning, evening, or on the dedicated sports day in Kigali City (Car Free Day).

This sport is known to help strengthen bones, improve blood circulation, and relieve stress.

Health experts say it’s good to do this exercise for 30 minutes a day or at least three times a week.

One of the main reasons people go to the ‘Gym’ is the equipment available there, which helps them work out as the young men and women of today like to say.

There are ways to make some of this equipment at home, including Haltères, Bars, and ‘Pulleys’.


A haltère is a commonly used tool to increase strength and tone the body through regular lifting.

You can make it at home with the desired weight and length, as there are different types, including long ones and shorter ones lifted with one hand. It helps in working out the chest, arms, and back.


Bars are tools made from wood or metal rods, where you plant four in the ground to form a diamond shape. Then you connect another one to the tops of two planted in the ground and do the same on the other side.

The space in the middle is where you do pull-ups or other exercises, which help to work out the arms (Biceps and Triceps).

Without a doubt, if you manage to have this equipment, you could do exercises without having to spend a lot of money and without leaving your home.

With today’s technology, young people can use YouTube or various applications to know what exercises to do, their duration, and even follow various advice given by professional trainers to avoid any adverse effects.”

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