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Whether you like it or not, how you look is important

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Either you buy preloved clothes or you buy new and fresh clothes. The end goal is that we all want to look good. Be it that nice church outfit, that work suit, the slay outfit at university we all want to like at least we know what we are doing.

Did you know much of your clothing has symbolic meaning? When we put them on, it primes the brain to associate it with a meaning. Putting on ‘party’ clothes vs ‘work’ clothes or ‘gym’ wear makes us feel different. In that same regard, it will make the people around us see us differently. Some people say they feel fitter in gym wear and far more prepared to groove the night away in party clothes than work clothes.

In as much as we want to ‘dress to kill’ be careful as you might kill your own image in the process. Wondering what I mean? Well, imagine you pop up at a funeral dressed like someone who is about to turn up. Or you pull up at a party dressed like someone going to a job interview.

Remember those times you just wanted to kick back and chill in your sweatpants but your friends pulled up and made you look fresh and go out. Do you remember how that feeling of a makeover and putting on good clothes changes your mood?

We instantly see a shift in someone’s self-esteem and confidence levels as soon as we do a makeover on them. A study “enclothed cognition” from Northwestern University gives scientific proof to the idea that you should dress not how you feel, but how you want to feel.

How you carry yourself is everything. Don’t expect to be treated like a CEO if you’re dressed like someone who cleans dishes. Always look sharp and be ready for opportunity.

Ps. I have nothing against dishwashers! Just looking out for fellow young people.

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