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When your passion becomes your business

Uwase Sarah Flower is a 26-year-old mother who decided to leave her government job to start a daycare center for young children. This was her dream, as she always wanted to ensure children were well taken care of, providing peace of mind to their parents. She had always had a deep love for children.

She decided to make this dream a reality after giving birth to her first child. She chose to leave her job, which did not allow her to fully care for her child, and began working from home while taking care of her child safely.

Before doing so, Uwase Sarah Flower sought sufficient knowledge about professional childcare, including nutrition and brain-stimulating activities through games.

She says, “After giving birth to my first child, I decided not to continue working in a job that required me to leave home every day, so I could be close to my child and take care of their growth. I also realized it was a needed service in our society, as our current lifestyle often demands that both parents work, whether it’s the mother or the father.”

When Uwase Sarah Flower began her journey of fully caring for her children and being with them every day, her friends with jobs started appreciating her efforts and began leaving their children with her, picking them up in the evening. She realized that she could care for many children and do it well, as the children enjoyed their time with her.

She says, “The world has become a village, people observe how others live. They saw how I prepared activities for the children, organized park outings, and loved it. Some of my friends started leaving their children with me while they went to work, and they would return to find happy children who told them about our activities. I saw how happy the children were to have such opportunities, which was great. I thought about how I could expand this.”

Later, Uwase Sarah Flower decided to gather all necessary information, including obtaining permits from the authorities, to officially start a daycare center.

In 2022, she founded the ‘Success Child Care Center.’ This daycare cares for young children from nine months old until they are ready to start school.

Uwase advises everyone, especially young girls, to value their work by focusing on their dreams or passions, as this leads to better performance and greater success.

She says, “To anyone else, my advice is that you might not pursue what you initially chose in school, but if you have something you love and are capable of, you can train yourself in a short time and start today. […] Starting is not easy, but if you begin and organize your activities well and commit to doing them 100% perfectly, it doesn’t take long to start seeing the benefits of your work.”

Uwase Sarah Flower also reminded parents that while it is good to have a house helper to care for your child, it is also beneficial to take them to a reputable daycare center as it helps them grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

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