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Ways to weather hard times

Sometimes, when the unfriendly part of life hits us so hard, we sit on the rooftop, watching the sun as it disappears in the thick clouds. As the sky turns grey, we wonder if the misfortunes in our life would ever turn into blessings.

Just like that, we hold our heavy hearts in the trembling hands, let out a sigh of anguish as the tears follow the path to our cheeks, and finally to the dry ground. We beat the dead horses, trying to find answers to all woeful things that life repeatedly throws on us.

Whether we’d have to give all that we have or even take debts, all we wish is to put an end to the matter. However, sometimes the truth that not ‘everything can be taken care of’ hits us so hard. Duly, we remember that some things are simply uncontrollable, unpredictable and more importantly, unstoppable. Just like that, we find ourselves with no other choice than being strong, be it for ourselves, our families, or our loved ones.

However, even if this might not be the exact moment to ask this, allow me to. Do you really think acting strong is always the right thing to do?

According to psychology, acting strong and tough when your heart is silently crying is nothing more than tormenting yourself. In fact, we are always advised to cry when we are sad, get angry when we have to, and laugh when we are happy. Just like patching a wound in order to heal it, it’s the same way sad emotions should be embraced to get through the hard days.

Apart from embracing one’s emotions, here are other ways to go through hard days:


Last time when I was going through an emotional breakdown, my supervisor advised me to write about all that was weighing on me. To be honest, I took it as something meaningless that she simply said out of concern. However, when I jokingly did it, the outcomes were quite impressive.

We all know that there are some kinds of feelings that we can’t tell people. Maybe not because we don’t trust them, but most of the time, because they’d never understand. In that case, a pen and a paper are the best friends. Writing really helps. It feels like getting all burdens off your shoulders.


They say” Forgiveness is not a gift you give to someone else, it is rather a gift you give to yourself”. If you have ever wholeheartedly forgiven someone who wronged you, you must really know how better that makes you feel. Holding a grudge is among the worst enemies of moving on.

However, though forgiving others can really help, it is important to know that self-forgiveness is the most important concept of this.

Offer someone a help

Absurd as it may sound, the thing about humans is that we get happier by making others happy. Just imagine how seeing someone heal from a chronic disease because of your help can make you feel. Good, right? Even though you can’t go to the deeper length, just a simple act of kindness towards someone can not only make their day but also light up your grieving heart.

Eat well

Eating good food, just like any other way of taking good care of yourself, can help in boosting your mood. Don’t stick to the food that you like though, consider having a variety of dishes. You can also try new ones.

Connect with friends

There is this friend of mine who is saved as “Free therapist” on my phone. Why? Because he’s the living proof of the saying ‘friends offer free therapy’. The very second I decide to connect with him, I feel every portion of pain and sadness disappearing like a cloud driven by the wind.

Why don’t you also try this? Just like talking to one or two friends, social gatherings can equally help.


When it comes to exercise, the outcomes are rather long-time than temporal. If you ask a fitness enthusiast what the best advantage of exercising is, they will tell you something related to boosting confidence and mood. And the best thing about these effects is that they don’t just last for a day or two.

The bitter truth about life is that there is no way hard days can be dodged. Whether you are young or old, poor or rich, you’re susceptible to pain as long as you’re still alive. Though this pain can’t be helped, these and many more other tips can help you go through it. If you’re going through a hard time, you’re not alone, and I hope you get through all of it. You got this!

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