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The dedicated young entrepreneur, Umuziranenge Blandine, is changing the game with reusable pads

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Today’s market prices for products we need on a daily basis, such as food or building materials, are rising at an alarming rate.

It becomes more expensive for a woman or a girl who has her period every month because they require these hygiene materials on a monthly basis.

According to World Bank research, at least 500 million girls worldwide are unable to obtain these sanitary pads during their periods.

Currently, a sanitary pad costs between 1000 Rwf and 1500 Rwf in Rwanda, depending on the quality.

The lack of affordability to these sanitary pads to some girls and women is what inspired Umuziranenge Blandine to create Kosma Pads which are sanitary pads that are washable and reusable therefore cutting off expenses of buying sanitary pads every month.

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Umuziranenge Blandine is dedicated to helping women and girls who can’t afford normal sanitary pads

In our interview with Umuziranenge, She said that the idea of making Kosmo pads came through to solve the issue of some people not being able to afford sanitary pads.

She says “ I created Kosmo pads that are made of cloth in order for them to last for 2 years and help the girl or woman to not face such difficulties during her periods.”

Umuziranenge also mentions that, in addition to saving up to 80% on sanitary pads, the Kosmo pads were created to address the issue of women and girls who suffer from allergies to traditional sanitary pads.

Blandine stated that it was difficult to convince others that they could use a pad more than once because they were used to using them only once.

However, as she continued to raise awareness about how these reusable pads, more people became aware of them and purchased them.

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Not only are they reusable and affordable, reusable pads are also non irritant on the skin

Umuziranenge said that one of the challenges she faced starting this business was lack of capital, especially because it is not possible to get a loan from the bank without collateral.

Participating in competitions to pitch her business idea, being brave and hardworking, and finding ways to improve her business idea, is what helped Blandine to get sponsors for her business idea.

She says “ I think that always voicing your business idea helps you not to lose focus and not let go and at the same time the people you voice your opinion to will always ask how far with your idea.”

“Every girl with a business idea should pitch her idea in every possible opportunity, from banks to investment companies to pitching competitions.”

Blandine testifies that sharing her idea with others has helped her get advice on how to fund and find sponsors for her business, and she encourages her peers to be brave and share their ideas with the world, and they will receive everything they need.

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Umuziranenge believes that an idea that is solving society’s problem should not be ignored

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