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Rwanda gains 53 new coders

In this 21st century, the need for success is as high as ever, gaining valuable skills can propel you to diverse opportunities. As we navigate through an increasingly digital era, women are at the forefront, capitalizing on every opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Coding is an essential skill in today’s digital age, serving as the backbone of technological advancement and innovation. It offers a powerful tool for solving complex problems, automating tasks, and creating software and applications that improve our daily lives.

However, despite its significance, the tech industry, including in Rwanda, faces a significant gender disparity. Women are underrepresented in this field, limiting the diversity of perspectives and ideas that are crucial for driving creativity and innovation.

Addressing this imbalance, Igire Rwanda in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation has provided training to young women of diverse backgrounds through the She Can Code Initiative.

The program provides training around Web development skills and other tech-oriented skills. Over the past years, the program has trained 650 women among which 70% have gotten jobs.

Vanessa Icyeza is among the program alumni. She advises the young girls graduating today to practice the art of self-marketing.

She says, “After today, go and know how to market yourself, if you sit no one will know you are a good software developer.”

The 53 young women graduating today within the program’s 9th cohort, possess extraordinary skills! They have successfully transitioned from training to practical application, creating innovative systems to address some of the most pressing challenges our country faces.

They have developed different systems that tackle different aspects of governance, agriculture, and business.

Dusabe Peggy says that building such a system is her greatest achievement so far, she says that the journey was not easy but that with hard work and determination, she has made it to where she is now.

She advises young girls to pursue careers in whatever they want to as they are capable of achieving whatever they have set their mind to.

Supporting these young women and believing in their dreams is as crucial as giving them platforms to excel.

Their representative today, Deborah says, “Your belief in us has been the driving force behind our incredible success.”

Representing the Mastercard Foundations, Nicolas Emane encouraged young women to work hard as the end of the program is just the beginning of their careers.

He said, “Your graduation is proof that you have it in you to work hard, to fall, to get back up, and to succeed.”

Encouraging more women to pursue careers in coding and technology in Rwanda can lead to a more inclusive, dynamic, and innovative tech ecosystem.

She Can Code is an initiative by Igire Rwanda in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation
Vannessa Icyeza says this is just the beginning for them
They have developed different systems that can tackle various challenges
The young girls will be supported in getting employment after completing the program
Rwanda gains 53 new coders

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