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President Kagame urges youth to have confidence rather than fear setbacks

The President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, has urged the youth to have confidence in themselves instead of spending time pondering the obstacles that may discourage them.

He revisited this topic during a talk show on Radio 10 and Royal FM, when a resident of Kicukiro District named Bisimwa Seth asked him if there had ever been a moment when he felt discouraged in his leadership, especially considering he started his duties at a young age.

President Kagame told him that anyone seeking progress should not focus too much on what might discourage them but should rather have confidence in themselves and put their goals first.

He said, “The best approach is to be guided more by your goal than by the fear that you won’t achieve it. If you start by doubting your ability to succeed, you won’t; but if you start by wanting and believing that you will overcome all the challenges along the way, you will succeed, as is often the case.”

“Even if you don’t achieve it, but approach it with the desire to do so and believe that nothing can stop you, why start with little confidence in yourself? Put that aside, forget it; that’s not where to begin.”

He continued to urge all Rwandans to follow this principle, to do what is necessary, and where not possible, to look into the reasons rather than become discouraged.

He stated, “What can’t be done won’t be done, but you have a goal and are like any other person. Always ask yourself, ‘If others can achieve it, what’s stopping me?'”

“Then do what you need to do. What’s possible will happen, and for what’s not, seek the reasons, perhaps revisit your approach or try something else. That’s the mindset, the perspective that Rwandans should have.”

He also took the opportunity to ask them to work together because that is what will enable them to achieve their goals quickly.

President Kagame urges youth to have confidence rather than fear setbacks

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