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‘People management is all about attitude’- M-hotel General Manager

people management

Dealing with people can be the most difficult thing to do. They have various personalities, beliefs, values, attitudes, and so on. Leading multiple people towards the same goal can be exhausting.

Gloria Girabawe, the Founder of Flove, had to deal with this challenge as well. When we asked her in one of our previous conversations about one of the things she has learned since starting her business, she immediately said people management.

“People have their own personalities, their own mindset,” she explained. You must guide them so that you can achieve your objectives.”

It is a challenge that some people are still facing today. But don’t worry, KURA has you covered! In our ‘Ask an Expert’ section. We approached M-Hotel General Manager, Theogene Twizerimana, who explained how he does it.

He stated that people management begins with when you hire, how you develop your employees, and what you do to keep them [talent retention].

And, as the manager of a large hotel with a large staff, he had some advice for young leaders, whether entrepreneurs, managers, or team leaders.

It all starts with Humility

In our article on confident humility, we discussed what humility for a leader should look like. Twizerimana elicited the same response.

“I personally believe that what is ideal in our industry is remaining humble,” he said.

He stated that everything he does to effectively manage his team revolves around that attitude, demonstrating to his team and staff that he is willing to lend a helping hand along the way.

He believes that having a positive attitude is the key to building a strong team.

Humility, according to him, is all about engaging with his team on a daily basis and providing physical feedback when necessary.

You can try this tip and let us know how it goes. Send us a list of questions you’d like to ask any expert in any field..

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