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Overcoming fear led to the founding of a school: A lesson in Twizeyimana’s growth

Twizeyimana Josephine, a woman from Fumbwe Sector in Rwamagana District, says that having good leadership that supports women gave her the courage to start a primary school, which is now a model institution in this sector.

She founded the school in 2021 after being inspired by President Kagame’s advice, which encouraged women to be bold and engage in various activities, including investing.

Twizeyimana told KURA that after the Genocide against the Tutsi, she had no parents and very little hope for life compared to today. The leadership helped her return to school, complete her secondary education, and attend university. After graduating, she got a teaching job, which she left to start her own school.

Twizeyimana said that she continued to observe how the country was developing under good leadership led by President Paul Kagame, who encourages women to be bold and work towards self-improvement. This inspired her to think about what she could do to improve herself and also help the government in developing the citizens.

She said, “I looked at what President Kagame said about education, that he wants Rwandan children to study in Rwanda without having to go abroad to seek quality education. This motivated me to find ways to help Rwandans get a good education close to home by establishing a school.”

She said that she first bought land worth 2 million Rwandan Francs and kept it, then bought another piece of land for 2.5 million Rwandan Francs. Later, she started the school by renting premises and then approached a bank that lent her money to buy equipment and build classrooms.

The school, named Bright Star Academy, is located in Fumbwe Sector, Nyagasambu Cell. It currently has 250 students and 30 staff members who are well paid. The school includes children in nursery school and from first to third grade.

This woman says she aims to build 20 new classrooms this year to add three more grades, thus having six years of primary education. She also plans to introduce modern education methods so that no Rwandan will need to send their children abroad for schooling.

Twizeyimana urged women who are still hesitant to be bold because the country’s leadership highly supports them.

She said, “Whether in the economy or social welfare, women have been given a voice. Let them be bold and work because they are supported.”

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