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Apply for the CorpsAfrica/Rwanda Volunteership

Mission of CorpsAfrica

CorpsAfrica provides Africans the opportunity to serve as Volunteers for ten months in rural, underserved communities in their own countries to facilitate small-scale, high-impact projects identified by local people and funded by partners from Africa and around the world.

Basic Description of CorpsAfrica Service

CorpsAfrica Volunteers undergo one month of Pre-Service Training and then serve for ten months in a community chosen for its perceived need, existence of local partners and essential infrastructure, location, and other criteria. The Volunteer dedicates his/her time to living and working with local people to identify an area of concern for the community, co-create and design solutions to address the concern, implement the solutions with local partners, and monitor and evaluate the results. To achieve this, CorpsAfrica Volunteers receive professional training before and during their service, support from CorpsAfrica staff (both nationally and internationally), a modest living allowance, health insurance, and a readjustment allowance upon successful completion of the program. Volunteers are required to submit reports and make presentations regularly.

General Expectations of a CorpsAfrica Volunteer

Commit to working in a highly underserved community in Rwanda to improve the quality of life of the community
Serve where CorpsAfrica asks them to serve, under conditions of hardship, if necessary
Recognize that their success is based on building trust and confidence with their host community
Understand that they are responsible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for their personal conduct and professional performance
Engage with host community partners in a spirit of cooperation, mutual learning, and respect
Exercise good judgment and personal responsibility to protect their health, safety, and well-being

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