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Great Lakes Creative Producers Lab 2024

Calling all fiction producers in the Great Lakes region!

Join the Great Lakes Creative Producers Lab—a 5-day program to boost your network and production skills through hands-on workshops, mentorship sessions, and more.

Producers are eligible for the program if they:
· Have accumulated three years of professional experience within the film industry

· Are nationals of a country from the following: Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Ethiopia

· Are able to communicate in English in a professional context

· Have produced at least 2 short films or 1 feature film

· Have a feature project in hand and the legal right (by way of ownership or option or attachment agreement) to produce the script

The ideal applicant should demonstrate the following attributes:

· Entrepreneurial spirit

· Self motivated

· Collaborative and willing to contribute to their peers

To be eligible, the producer cannot be the author and/or director of the submitted project.

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