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My most awkward visit to the doc’s office: Let me tell you all about it

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So, most of us hate going to the hospital. Maybe because of the air, the industrial smell, the sight of needles, the doctors and nurses rushing everywhere, children crying, and people in lines. We all hate that but still need to go to the hospital when needed. But to me one unfortunate made me hate hospitals even more.

It was a beautiful day, and I was feeling great, or so I thought. I felt like there was a problem with me but I didn’t know what it was. I had this lower abdomen pain that I have never felt before. And of course, I did have a clue of what it was– You can’t blame me, most women, girls don’t talk about these types of things.

I brushed it off as another day in which my body felt like it needed some extra attention. I did what most of us do. I ignored it for two days straight. But when I felt like it was not going to go away really soon I decided to do what was obvious.

I took advantage of my lunch break and left work and decided to take a trip to the doctor’s office, just to get a check-up and make sure everything was in order. Little did I know that this was going to be the most awkward visit to the doc’s office that I had ever experienced.

As I walked into the doctor’s office, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who asked me to fill out some forms. I dutifully obliged, and as I handed them back to her, she asked if I had any concerns.

I thought for a moment and decided to mention the “minor issue” that I had been experiencing. I whispered it to her, but apparently, I didn’t whisper low enough because the entire waiting room heard me. I asked for a Gynecologist but she said that only a General practitioner.

All eyes were on me, and I could feel my face turning red. I wanted to crawl under the nearest chair and hide, but unfortunately, that was not an option. Instead, I took a deep breath, plastered a smile, and made my way to the waiting room.

The receptionist who was dressed like a nurse had a different expression when she came back with some other insurance paperwork I had to fill out. She just tossed the paper expecting me to catch them as if I were some infectious disease floating around.

Mind you this woman had absolutely no idea of what was wrong with me but just because I told her I had a “lower abdomen issue” I suddenly became infectious. I guess everyone started guessing what was wrong with me.

At that point, all I wanted to do was get out of there but my stubborn self would never. I held my head high because I did not do anything wrong.

Everybody in the waiting room started trying to have conversations with me which I thought was a weird thing. You don’t go around asking people in the waiting room what’s wrong with them…

I went to the very welcoming doctor and as I sat, waiting for the doctor to come in, I couldn’t help but feel self-conscious. I kept thinking about how embarrassed I was of something I do not even know. Then, the doctor walked in, and I braced myself for the worst.

But to my surprise, the doctor was incredibly understanding and put me at ease. He listened to my concerns and didn’t make me feel ashamed or embarrassed. Instead, He offered me advice and made me feel like I was in control of my health.

At first, I did not want to say every detail because I thought he would judge me as well. I thought to myself, “If a woman, a nurse had the guts to judge me what will this man think.”

To my surprise, he was very understanding and tried his best to make me feel comfortable and safe. And turns out what I had was a minor issue, he just prescribed antibiotics and explained to me what was wrong, and allowed me to ask all the questions that I had without making me feel ashamed or anything.

As I left the doctor’s office, I couldn’t help but think about how much of a stigma there is around women’s sexual health. It’s almost as if we’re not supposed to talk about it, even though it’s a perfectly natural part of life.

We’re taught to feel ashamed of our bodies and to hide our concerns, which can lead to serious health problems down the line.

But the truth is, nothing is embarrassing about taking care of your sexual health. It’s just like any other part of your body, and it deserves just as much attention and care. We need to start talking about it more openly and without shame so that women can feel comfortable seeking help when they need it.

My most awkward visit to the doc’s office taught me a valuable lesson. It made me realize that there’s no shame in seeking help when it comes to sexual health and that we need to start breaking down the stigma that surrounds it.

So, if you’re ever feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about a health concern, just remember that you’re not alone and that seeking help is the bravest thing you can do.

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