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‘Me Time’: Finding peace in chaos

Just a simple exercise. Take a moment and think about the times you felt good in your body. Were you with someone or alone? Think about the time you felt relaxed, grounded, happy, and connected to yourself more.

Honestly speaking, there was nothing like “Me time” on my agenda. I didn’t even know what it was. The problem I had was not “Me time” it was connecting “Me” and the “Time.” I lied to myself that I was too busy to connect with my inner self and too loud to listen to my body and spirit.

Sparing time for myself or finding time to recharge was a waste of time. However, scrolling on Instagram or watching YouTube videos for an hour or two was okay.

Yes, this was me. What about you?

How do you find time to recharge in this world full of chaos? Do you even think it is necessary for you to spare time and do ‘you’?

Well, let’s dive into this and explore more about what “me time” can do to your life.

Firstly, ‘Me time’ is not a waste of time. It is about being present with yourself. It is a way of connecting your mind, body, and spirit together by taking much-needed time to recharge your batteries.

‘Me Time’ varies from one person to another. What feels like ‘Me Time’ to me may feel different from you.

According to different psychological research, ‘me time’ can be achieved through having a bath, reading a book, going for a walk, performing yoga, getting your nails and hair done, long sleep, and many more activities that work best for you. However, scrolling on Instagram isn’t one of them.

In addition, it can also be achieved through spending time with your loved ones cracking those jokes, or going to the Gym. As long as you are bringing your mind, body, and spirit into sync you are spending your “Me time”.

For me, going for a walk works best. I walk without an intentional destination until I feel relaxed. More to that, I pray. Spending time praying and reading the Bible helps me to reconnect with myself. I read scriptures and meditate on them.

There is a popular saying which goes like this; “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” This is absolutely true. Your ‘me time’ is essential for you to re-energize and serve you well.

And for this to work, you should develop a discipline around it. You don’t need an hour or two in your ‘Me time’. Quality time is better than quantity time. If you get 5 minutes, use it wisely.

It is necessary to spend time without distraction and allow your mind to clear out and restore its focus. This time alone should provide you with an opportunity to engage in restful activities.

I would say it is a challenge but worth trying. This is because ‘me time’ provides an opportunity for self-reflection and honest assessment. It is like a self-mirror that shows each wound and scars of you. It allows you to evaluate on a deeper level yourself and the changes that need to be made.

So, use this time to set goals and plans to achieve those goals. Don’t be afraid to look into yourself because that is where you discover your full potential and your uniqueness. Profit this time when you are alone and pursue your own interests and hobbies. Are you interested in drawing? Do it. Painting, writing, crafting, singing? Do it.

Make use of this time and reconnect with who you are independently because this time will force you to develop resilience as you work on problems on your own without the crutch offered by your support group.

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