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Kwibohora29: After 29 years, this is the lesson President Kagame learned

Addressing the nation today during the 29th celebration of liberation Kwibohora 29, President Paul Kagame took a reflective stance, he shared a valuable lesson that he has learned over the course of the last 29 years.

“There are things you do that do not work as well or as fast as you intended,” President Kagame stated, acknowledging the challenges faced in leadership. “You have an opportunity in the following years to tweak that and see what fits the present time one is in. And we learned a lot from others.”

These words resonate with profound wisdom gained through experience. President Kagame emphasized the importance of adaptability and continuous learning. No endeavor unfolds exactly as planned, but it is the ability to reflect, adjust, and embrace change that paves the way for progress.

One notable example of this approach is the development of Rwanda’s constitution. President Kagame highlighted that when the constitution was crafted and started operating in 2003, it incorporated elements from various countries, drawing inspiration from Europe, the United States, South Africa, and the East African Community (EAC).

The president said, “Learning is an everyday activity, for us we learn from doing things and we must do things and you can’t learn from doing nothing except bad lessons but there will be consequences if you do nothing.”

This fusion of ideas from diverse sources showcases the country’s commitment to learning from others and adapting strategies to its unique circumstances.

Research shows that the ability to learn from different experiences and adapt accordingly is a key trait of successful leaders and nations. By adopting this mindset, President Kagame has positioned Rwanda as a thriving example of progress and resilience.

Regardless of their chosen path, President Kagame’s lesson holds invaluable insights for the youth. In this era, it is very important to stay open to fresh ideas, perspectives, and approaches.

To be able to learn from others, whether it be through collaboration, research, or mentorship, can provide a competitive edge and accelerate personal and professional growth.

Moreover, the youth should embrace the reality that only some endeavors will unfold smoothly or swiftly. Setbacks and failures are part of the learning process. The key lies in leveraging those experiences as opportunities for growth, reflecting on what worked and what didn’t, and making necessary adjustments.

President Kagame’s lesson is a reminder that success is not solely dependent on one’s individual brilliance but on the collective wisdom and experiences of others.

By humbly acknowledging the value of external knowledge and being open to adapting and improving, the youth can forge their own path toward success.

The lesson learned after 29 years of leadership is one of resilience, adaptability, and continuous learning—a testament to the transformative power of embracing new ideas and experiences.

The president believes that with continuous learning comes continuous progress

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