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Innovation drives demand: These two women built their own innovative approach to painting

In every industry, innovation is essential. Innovation is what meets demand, and demand is always constant, even when people believe they don’t need anything.

We’ve seen eras where if one person opens a coffee shop, thousands of others will follow suit. If one person starts building apartments, thousands more will follow suit, resulting in the same outcome: loss.

It is critical for new businesses to think about doing things differently and creatively.

After a few years of training abroad, Dusabe Henriette and Umugwizawase Delphine founded in 2021 their company ‘Ubudasa wall paints.’ They decided to pursue and devote themselves to what they were passionate about: painting.

They are, however, not your typical painters. Their company does a variety of things; their goal is to paint professionally and to assist people who want to beautify their buildings or homes.

They do more than just paint; they also design what suits a building, home, or wall and how it should be decorated, which is unusual. They also provide advice on the type of paint that should be used.

They create 3D designs that can be anything they want, such as a rock or a volcano-like surface, or anything else they can think of.

Combining culture and modernity inspired them to create such a revolutionary concept for their company.

Dusabe claims that they combined the ancient art of painting that Rwandans practiced, such as using chalks, Kaolin, and other materials—because it was something they grew up fascinated with—with the modern designs that we have now.

“We combined old-fashioned contemporary culture with modernity to create something new and different,” she explained.

It is something new, exciting, and in high demand on the market. There aren’t many businesses in Rwanda that can claim to provide the same services.

That is something these two women were aware of prior to launching their business. Dusabe stated that they wished to establish a company that is both innovative and professional, one that does things differently.

“We wanted to do things that are beautiful, new, and also have quality,” she explained, “for example, we do quality tiles instead of the ones that are usually imported from China, our goal is to make something strong with a long lasting guarantee.”

And this young entrepreneur believes that it is something that everyone who wants to start a business should think about.

“When we first started, there were many other people in the same industry as us, so we had to think of something unique and out of the ordinary.” “People like it when something is different from what everyone else is doing,” she explained.

“If you want to do business, you have to look for something new and needed on the market,” she explained, “and you also have to do things your own way.”

It is, however, difficult to persuade people to accept a new idea. According to Dusabe, “if your idea is good, people will buy into it.”

They do use various methods of advertising their business, such as social media, to demonstrate that they are not all talk and that they are legitimate.

Their companies grew significantly from 2021 up to now, they were only two when they started but they currently have 20 full time employees.

Other than that they are currently training 50 young girls who express interest in the industry.

Umugwizawase Delphine and Dusabe Henriette the co-founders of ‘Ubudasa wall paints.’

They believe innovation is key to having a successful business
They started as two and now they currently have 20 permanent employees

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  1. i know very well ubudasa wall paints, these young ladies are professional in wall designs and painting, i like their honest, punctuality, and quality work. keep it up, i recommend you.

  2. They are 100 % professional in the works, nabakundiye ko bagira isuku mubyo bakora, THEY ARE GOOD HOUSE PAINTERS AND DESIGNERS

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