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Incuti Foods redefines the chili industry and promotes African culture

Tresor Gashonga, a young man who recently graduated from IPRC Musanze in 2021 with a degree in ‘Food Science’, has embarked on a unique farming journey. He established a value-adding institution called Incuti Foods, focusing primarily on agricultural products, particularly hot chili.

Gashonga’s passion for farming developed during his time in school, prompting him to delve deeper into the field. Initially, he began by bridging the gap between farmers and buyers, which eventually laid the foundation for his institution. It was during this experience that he recognized the significant issue of post-harvest losses faced by farmers.

Driven by a desire to alleviate these losses, Gashonga founded ‘Incuti Foods’. The institution aims to prevent waste by adding value to agricultural products. Through advanced technology, they transform excess hot chili into a flavorful sauce, thereby extending its shelf life.

Gashonga explained, “Our innovative approach not only reduces waste but also allows us to provide farmers with a means to enhance the value of their chili produce.”

Gashonga says he started Incuti foods to help Rwandan farmers

Incuti Foods works closely with chili farmers in the Kayonza and Rwamagana districts. They offer assistance throughout the cultivation process, ensuring the crops are monitored and cared for until they yield mature and high-quality chili.

Gashonga explains that he focused on chili because he noticed a lack in the market for well-processed chili that symbolizes the African culture.

He said, “When you look at the international market, there’s a problem of a lack of chili that represents the richness of Africa, and that’s when I decided to be the one to promote the African culture.”

The company also employs numerous young people

This hot chili started reaching the market in 2022, distinguished by its unique processing as it is turned into a sauce without adding any harmful oils that could impact human health.

Currently, Incuti Foods has the capacity to produce 10,000 cups of hot sauce per month, which they sell in various places. Right now, their market spans across Rwanda, Ghana, and the United States.

In less than two years, thousands of people have found it hard to have a meal without Incuti Foods’ processed chili, due to its richness and unique taste.

Incuti Foods manufactures hot chili that is oil free

Although he has achieved much, Gashonga indicated that the number of tasks they perform poses challenges.

He said, “In order to tap into a vast market, it is crucial to possess the necessary resources and capabilities. However, our work faces a challenge due to the lack of certain machines that would enable us to fully exploit the market opportunities we see.”

“Additionally, accessing international markets, which hold immense potential for income generation, presents numerous obstacles, including dealing with various types of fraudsters.”

Incuti Foods aspires to become a prominent institution specializing in value addition for not only chili but also tomatoes and other crops.

Gashonga, a young farmer, emphasizes that despite the common perception that farming is exclusively for older individuals, young people can also reap its benefits.

He elaborated, “When investing money, it is essential to consider long-term yields and the requirements involved. Farming and processing offer a wide range of possibilities, especially with the advancements in technology.”

“Farming continues to provide substantial livelihood opportunities, making it a worthwhile investment.”

The processed chili products by Incuti Foods can be found in various forms throughout Kigali City and the surrounding provinces.

The chili is both on local and international markets

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