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If you want to get cozy; let’s talk about the future of infrastructure

aerial view from drone of a part of a road junction. transportation and infrastructure concept

We all want to stay in cool, fresh and cozy houses. Better yet, we all want the roads that lead to our houses to be tarred and well maintained. Well, that is so possible!

Imagine all the buildings in Rwanda looking fresh and new. Not just that, imagine them built in a way that makes them sustainable and safe. Imagine the travel to work being so smooth and easy, with no queues in bus stations.

Well, you do not have to imagine at all. This is already being worked on, and with SDG9 on the side, this is going to be good.

Did you know? Almost a tenth of Rwanda’s annual budget is committed to transport and other infrastructure.

To develop a vibrant private sector, Rwanda is investing in roads, rail and water transport infrastructure with the intent of dramatically reducing the cost of transport to businesses and individuals.

SDG9 focuses on building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation.

I know you just imagined the Industrial Zones in Masoro when you saw sustainable industrialization. Well that shows Rwanda is already at it.

Some of the SDG9 targets include promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and, by 2030, significantly increasing industry’s share of employment and GDP in line with national circumstances, and doubling its share in LDCs.

Increase small-scale industrial and other enterprises’ access to financial services, particularly affordable credit, and their integration into value chains and markets, particularly in developing countries.

Improve scientific research and technological capabilities of industrial sectors in all countries, particularly developing countries, including encouraging innovation and significantly increasing the number of research and development workers per million people, as well as public and private R&D spending, by 2030.

There is opportunity where there is growth. So, what can young people do to help with the implementation of this SDG?

As is always the case, disseminating information is the first step toward achieving a better outcome. There is strength in numbers.
All hands would be on deck if all young people in Rwanda were aware of SDG9 and what it entails.

This goal, like SDG 8, promotes the startup culture and access to small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries. The SDGs aim to assist them in obtaining financial aid and affordable credit to help them enter the market.

Small businesses contribute to the nation by creating job opportunities at all levels and improving the country’s economy.

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