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Florist Sandrine Uwacu blooms with preserved roses that last a year


Rwanda’s horticulture industry is rapidly growing. Most people nowdays like celebrating with flowers which is why the florist business are on a rise. But one Florist-entrepreneur is making a vast difference by providing natural flowers that can last a year.

Rwanda’s floriculture industry and horticulture sub-sector have grown significantly over the last few years. Rwanda’s horticulture sub-sector (mainly flowers, vegetables, and fruits) generated over $28.79 million, slightly higher than the $28.7 million in the previous fiscal year, according to data from NAEB Agriculture Export Performance Report 2020/2021.

The industry is rapidly growing in this period. Data shows that the flower export volumes increased by 58.79% in that year. The surge in export volume was not expected.

Over the last decade, not much attention was given to this industry but it is radically changing and expanding

Many entreprenuers are now taking part of that booming industry and with vast uniquenesss. Sandrine Uwacu is also taking advantage of the opportunity with her special touch; she sells natural flowers that can last a year without drying!

It was in October 2019 when Sandrine Uwacu had a brilliant Idea. She thought of starting a business that revolved around flowers, something she had always been passionate about. Uwacu didn’t have any prior experience in the floristry industry, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. And so, S.U Bouquets was born.

At first, Sandrine worked online through Instagram, selling her beautiful flower bouquets to clients. The business grew quickly, and by 2020, she had moved from an online store to a physical location in Sonatubes a widely known business area in Kicukiro. She then could sell her products directly to clients.

S.U Bouquets has expanded from being an online store to being a physical store

But Sandrine didn’t stop there. She saw an opportunity to expand her business by wholesaling her products to other florists. In August 2021, S.U Bouquets began wholesaling, while continuing to create their beautiful flower bouquets.

It is when her and the team introduced a new product called preserved roses, which are natural roses that can last a year, providing a warranty of 6 to 12 months.

To make this happen, the team behind S.U Bouquet sprays the roses with chemicals they have developed to achieve the one year result.

Uwacu came up with some of those chemicals but they also import certain substances they need to fully create a lasting effect.

S.U Bouquets’ success can be attributed to the quality, creativity and uniqueness of their products. Uwacu understands that flowers require a cold environment to stay fresh.

The roses can last a year without getting old or loosing petals

She says, “We operate in a cold room because the flowers require water and must be kept in a cold environment in order to last long. The flowers can last a week because of the cold environment.”

The business sources their flowers from Bella Flowers, a company that is renowned for their quality flowers.

When creating a flower bouquet, the Florist says that the process should be done carefully. The flowers must be cut to size, the thorns removed, and the flowers arranged to perfection.

The finished product is then wrapped in gift wrapping paper and sold to the client. S.U Bouquets’ preserved roses are the only ones of their kind in the floristry industry, making them unique and popular with customers.

Uwacu takes pride in what her business does

Starting S.U Bouquets wasn’t easy for Sandrine. She had to overcome several challenges, including not having enough experience and knowledge of Floristry.

Sometimes, the flowers she purchased would go limp, or the bouquets she created would not meet the client’s expectations. To overcome these challenges, Sandrine enrolled in a floristry course and obtained a certificate as a florist.

That testifies to the fact of harnessing skill and pursuing knowledge.

Clients can choose if they want regular roses or if they want the preserved one that can last longer

Now, S.U Bouquets is more than just a business for Uwacu. It is a way to bring joy and happiness to her clients, and a way to create jobs in her community.

Sandrine is proud that she has been able to create employment opportunities for herself and three other people, and she hopes that her preserved roses will create even more job opportunities for the youth in her community.

The team behind S.U Bouquets

To those who are considering starting their own businesses, the young entrepreneur’s advice is simple.

She says, “Don’t be afraid to follow your passion and educate yourself.”

Uwacu and her team at S.U Bouquets are proof that industries in Rwanda can thrive with innovation and creativity.

Sandrine Uwacu is making a name in the industry with her creativity

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