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Creativepreneur turns art enthusiasts into artists (Pictures & Video)

On a wonderful afternoon, I was sitting among tall trees, the fresh breeze was caressing my face as I was sipping and painting a beautiful sunset on a white canvas.

I never thought I would catch myself painting. Like many, I knew I did not have such a talent. I always thought to myself ‘Leave art for the artists.’

But honestly, everyone has a talent! The things I thought were not within my ability are now possible, thanks to a new way of relaxation and meditation through art introduced by the artist Mwizerwa Richard, who welcomed me to his cozy business he calls ‘Paints and Sip Kigali’.

With Paint and Sip Kigali you can paint whatever you want with the guidance of Mwizerwa

Whether you have a party, want to relax and enjoy with others, run a party venue, a family gathering, anniversary, wedding, at hotels and restaurants, or elsewhere, you can call him to help your invitees relax in a cool and dynamic way through art.

If you want to have this sort of relaxation, Mwizerwa together with his team prepare, tools, canvases, paints, and other things to help you enjoy the magnificent moment of being an artist.

You can choose for yourself what you are going to paint with Mwizerwa guiding how to do it in your own way, then you finish your artwork, or you can even gift it.

Mwizerwa turns art enthusiast into artists

Mwizerwa says he had the idea of starting this business after seeing that people who are not naturally artists can also enjoy creating artwork.

He says, “I was already teaching people how to paint in the studio where I work, whether it’s a child or an adult wanting to learn how an artist does his work, I do it while they watch.”

“Then I tell them to try and once they do, they would become very happy. I thought how good it would be to do this for everyone, not just those close to us, that’s when I got the idea to start looking for materials.”

The Creativepreneur has approached different restaurants to introduce this practise

In 2018, Mwizerwa started implementing his idea at The Retreat Hotel By Heaven, where people started trying to paint while sipping, and they loved it until it became a habit.

Mwizerwa says that when he started this project, people didn’t understand it, but now they’ve come to love it.

He says, “People didn’t understand it, you find someone saying I can’t paint, but when they see they’ve made something they didn’t think they could make, they are very happy, those are the ones who give us more clients.”

Many enjoy the activity since it is relaxing

Mwizerwa thrives in innovation

Mwizerwa is a young man with the intent to do art but in a unique way. His talent became apparent when he was in primary school because he used to help others with schoolwork.

In 2015, after completing school, he went to marketing at UR Gikondo, where he ventured into professional art, which helped him gain a living and pursue his studies.

He usually works on art projects, whether self-conceived or requested by clients, and has added Paints&Sip Kigali, which is popular these days.

Mwizerwa states that University has also shaped his entrepreneurial mindset

Mwizerwa says that taking his talent and adding a touch of innovation has allowed him to profit while also contributing to society.

He says, “We go places like restaurants and people paint and pay. I am not doing this for profit only, but I also want to give people a way to relax.”

“It’s a profitable job, there are many children I help by teaching them, they acquire knowledge from it and it eventually yields them money.”

Mwizerwa, who graduated in Marketing, acknowledges that the education he received at university helps him showcase his work. That’s why he encourages young people with talents to pursue education.

He says, “In our society, a child who paints is often labeled a madman, but I was fortunate that my family understood. There are those who grow up believing that painting is not a profession that can sustain a person.”

“People should understand a person with talent, they should be allowed to continue their studies and do it well because eventually, it pays off and they strive to meet people who help them in what they do.”

Mwizerwa believes it is important for artists to always find ways to innovate

This young man acknowledges that a talent well nurtured yields much if well pursued, he encourages the youth to work and avoid distractions.

He says, “Life is the greatest investment, if you have it, everything is possible. Also, nothing comes easy, do not think that you start painting today and start making money from it tomorrow.”

“They have to be patient, let them persevere, let them put their energy into doing good things at the right time, it will yield fruit. Youth should spend time cultivating their talent instead of getting into drugs.”

Currently, Mwizerwa has a place to work that accommodates 15 people at a time, and the ability to help people paint wherever they are. If you want to paint, you can register on the social media pages of ‘Paints&Sip Kigali’.

He has created a place were people can enjoy painting
Mwizerwa believes that artists can profit from their talents
People love this innovative approach to painting
He advises the youth to be innovative, creative, and to educate themselves

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