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Artificial Intelligence: A harm or assistance to the world?

While artificial intelligence has been much praised for its beneficial effects on the world’s ability to learn and produce new things, its rapid advancement in recent years has caused concern. Are there no side effects of this advanced technology?

When I first heard about artificial intelligence, I thought I had a solution to my sleepless nights trying to find answers to my assignment. Artificial intelligence was really a loyal assistant because I no longer had trouble finding what to wear to my job interview, birthday party, or any outing. It really did all the hard work.

The combination of artificial intelligence, advanced technology, and civilized generation has created commendable growth in both industrial, educational, and medical areas. But again, in this generation where young individuals are exposed to the outside world where profits are made and life improves, they can’t help but compare themselves to the outside world.

It is already worse to compare yourself to anyone because everyone has their own uniqueness. Imagine now that the comparison is no longer person-to-person but person-to-artificial intelligence. Research carried out in China on 321 participants has shown that Artificial intelligence awareness is significantly related to individual emotional exhaustion which is defined as depletion of one’s energetic resources.

Furthermore, Artificial intelligence is known for providing anything that a best friend, the best psychiatrist, or the best parent can offer in terms of emotional support. In a nutshell, social gatherings and anything that connects people seem to no longer matter as long as artificial intelligence is here, something that should never happen because emotionless software should never replace humans.

Apart from this, Artificial intelligence can, if not well-handled, be a source of laziness to the youth not leaving the people’s creativity unaffected. Here’s a guide to how AI should be handled to minimize its negative effects.

Think critically

One who uses AI systems should be aware that they are not as perfect as one might believe. They make mistakes, just like anyone. Double-checking the facts before using the given information is as important as eating one’s daily meal.

Be mindful of personal information

While engaging with AI-based platforms, not everything should be revealed. Important personal information like phone numbers, home addresses, financial information, and others should be kept under one’s hat.

Understand privacy settings

Terms and conditions and privacy settings are among the things almost everyone skips while dealing with digital things. However, AI platforms need a high level of chariness. This is why one should review and adjust privacy settings according to what makes them comfortable.

Don’t solely rely on AI

One should always remember that a human’s brain can be used. AI should be the assistants and not the master planners. When it comes to assignments, decisions, business ideas, and other relevant things, one should remember to use their brain first.

Artificial intelligence was probably designed to assist humans during their daily activities. That being the case, it would be a shame if all it did was harm us. To nip that in the bud, AI should be used with utmost alertness.

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