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Are you an entrepreneur? Watch these movies today

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Some people believe that we can never learn from movies because they are all about fantasizing and have nothing to do with reality, but I disagree.

Movies teach us all sorts of things, such as how to aspire, what to dream of, and perhaps how to do all the things we shouldn’t, how to dress, walk into a room, or make a dramatic exit.

They teach us who to love and how to love, as well as other things like sacrificing for others. Choosing between love and careers, among other things.

Now, if you are an entrepreneur, I believe these classics can teach you something.

The Social Network

Released in 2010, The Social Network is the ultimate story about Facebook and its founder. It shows Mark Zuckerberg and the way he brought to life his idea of building a social media platform.

Soon afterward, his project got substantial financial backing, and all of a sudden, Facebook was ‘live’ all around the world. However, it wasn’t all roses on Mark’s journey – the movie also shows Mark’s struggles and lawsuits from his once-friend and first investor, Eduardo Saverin.

Zuckerberg’s creative approach is fascinating to watch and analyze – you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the technological world in Silicon Valley.

The movie also shows that even large corporations often have small and struggling beginnings, and it can be quite inspiring for young entrepreneurs to see that for themselves.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street is one of those entrepreneur movies that will keep you glued to the screen. What’s a better way to learn about business mistakes to avoid than watching the catastrophic mistakes Jordan Belfort did?

Released in 2013, this movie is based on his real-life story and how from a promising broker, he got himself into the world of too many drugs, too many lies, and a devastating feud with US authorities.

Of course, the success he had is not excluded, but ultimately, he was remembered for his wrongdoings, proving once again that business choices can define your life, so always choose carefully.
Perhaps one of the most exciting moments in the movie is the cold-calling process. It’s shown with passion, dedication, and belief in the great idea.

Also, keeping your employees satisfied by doing whatever makes them happy is another lesson you can take from this movie – but set some boundaries, otherwise, you may dig yourself a hole you won’t be able to get out of, just like Belfort.

Steve Jobs

This 2015 biopic on Apple’s founder tells the behind-the-scenes story about the iconic entrepreneur and his struggles on the way to the top.

Also, important shots from Steve’s personal life are shown as well as the obstacles he overcame to build the brand we all know.

Related topics: Steve Jobs revolves around Job’s ideas and the decisions he had to make in order to create Apple and take it to the top.

This is one of those entrepreneur movies anyone can learn something from, even if you have years of experience running a business. Taking a sneak peek into Job’s mind can be educational and insightful, so give this movie a chance.

The Corporation

Released in 2003, The Corporation is not unlike any of the other business movies on this list. It elaborates on a topic like no movie before – what would happen if corporations were people, do they know how to make the difference between the good and the bad?

The movie shows the other side of the business world, the one that’s much darker and not at all fun to watch or live – but it’s here to stay.

The corporate world is presented as a psychopathic character – selfish, ruthless, and run only by the desire to have more of everything – possessions, money, resources, power.

It’s an excellent entrepreneur movie to think about the influence of capitalism on today’s corporate values, but it’s also great to question your beliefs.

American Hustle

Inspired by a true story in the late 70s, American Hustle is a crime story that will keep you attentive from start to finish. A divergent movie that picks on multiple topics, the story is conveyed through vibrant humor, delivering a lesson worth its weight in gold.

American Hustle is about the consequences of past mistakes and the price any one of the movie’s characters needs to pay to rectify them.

All things aside, American Hustle is a great movie that focuses on the importance of loyalty in business – even if it’s an illegal one.

Of course, just like any other crime movie on the list, we don’t support this kind of behavior – but there’s a lot to learn about loyalty, staying true to yourself, and keeping your word.

Stay tuned for other movie suggestions!

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