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A letter to virgins!

Dear Virgins,

First off, hats off to you. Not because you’re a virgin (although that’s perfectly cool if you are), but because you’re still curious, open-minded, and, most likely, reading to feed your mind and equip yourself for what might come.

Well, today, we’re diving into the much-whispered world of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). So buckle up!

First things first, The V-Card

Contrary to popular belief, losing your ‘v-card’ doesn’t earn you a backstage pass to the coolest club in town. It’s a personal choice, and it’s YOURS. Whether you’re keeping it close or thinking about playing that card, it’s essential to be informed.

Oh, and by the way, just like any card game, sometimes it’s strategic to hold onto it, and sometimes it’s fun to play. But always know the rules of the game!

The most important rule is consent. It is important to make sure you are given consent or you give consent, loud and clear.

It’s not like the Movies… or Porn

Yeah, that’s right. If your sex-ed comes solely from Hollywood or those “other” websites, you might be in for some surprises. Real-life intimacy isn’t choreographed. There are awkward moments.

Expect the unexpected – like bumping heads, or the dreaded leg cramp. It is why it is essential to be informed about intimacy, SRHR, body autonomy and everything to be sure you are making the right decision.

I can’t stress this enough, communicate!

Before diving into the deep, chat! Talk about boundaries, contraception, and STIs. The most alluring people aren’t those with just ‘skills’; it’s those who can communicate. Not sure how to start and tired of pick-up lines? Try this. And discussing safe sexual practices.

Myths Debunked!

“You can’t get pregnant the first time.” Uh, LIES! Yes, you can.
“Two condoms are better than one.” Nope, they can tear each other and expose you and your partner to risks, they can be painful for the wearer. It is better to use protection how it was intended in the first place.

“All virgins bleed the first time.” Some do, some don’t. Everyone’s body is different.

“You don’t need a condom.” Lies again! You do, you will, you have to.

The Right Tools

No, I am not talking about fancy lingerie or scented candles. We mean contraception and regular health check-ups. Because nothing says “I’m responsible” more than being prepared.

As I fold this letter and ‘airdrop’ it dear virgins, SRHR is as essential as your morning skincare routine or that perfect selfie angle. Equip yourself with knowledge, so that when you’re ready to step into the vast world of intimacy, you do it with confidence, understanding, and a dash of humor.

Stay curious, and informed, and always remember whether you’re swiping your V-card or just swiping on Tinder, making having information on SRHR helps you make informed decisions.

Yours truly,

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