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A journey to Sunrise: The lifestyle secret that changed my life

Let me be real with you: my relationship with mornings used to be like that awkward interaction with distant relatives at family reunions – uncomfortable and something I tried to avoid. My idea of sunrise was the soft glow of my phone screen as I binged series until the rush hours.

But, as they say, life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, or in my case, a pair of sneakers and a determined best friend.

It all started with a challenge – “30 days of morning walks, loser buys coffee for a month.” As a self-proclaimed night owl and a broke University student, the stakes were high. So, there I was, on Day 1, groggily lacing up my rarely used sneakers at an ungodly hour.

The first week was, in a word, brutal. I stumbled through the streets like a zombie, grumbling about the unreasonableness of it all. But then, something shifted. Maybe it was the way the early light danced through the leaves, or the serene quiet before the world woke up, but slowly, very slowly, I started looking forward to these walks.

Each morning became a little adventure. I discovered charming cafes, and hidden paths, and even made a few furry friends (shoutout to the neighborhood dogs who bark at me relentlessly). My walks turned from a forced march to an exploration. I began experimenting with routes, sometimes even jogging (a word I never thought I’d use without sarcasm).

Fast forward a few months, and the changes were undeniable. I was, dare I say, a morning person. The energy boost was real, folks. My days felt longer, my mood brighter, and my coffee addiction slightly less concerning.

The biggest surprise? My friends started noticing. First, it was the “you look different” comments. Then, a few brave souls joined my morning escapades. Before I knew it, we had a little sunrise squad, bonding over the beauty of dawn and the mutual hatred of early alarms.

Here’s the kicker – what started as a bet became a movement. We began documenting our walks on our Instagram Stories and Whatsapp groups. It was heartwarming to see others, especially us as young people, inspired to embrace the morning.

We shared tips, playlists, and even organized group walks. The community grew, and the message was clear: morning walks were more than exercise; they were a celebration of a new day, an opportunity to connect with nature and ourselves.

So, here I am, an unlikely advocate for dawn. If you’re reading this, curled up in bed, contemplating another “five more minutes,” I urge you to give morning walks a try. Who knows? It might just change your life.

A friend of Sunrise

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