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7 healthy habits to get into this summer that you haven’t thought of before

Summer is the season of sunshine, beach days, and a fresh start for your wellness journey. While everyone knows the basics like staying hydrated and applying sunscreen, there are some underrated habits that can elevate your summer health game.

Walks and hikes

If you’re looking for a good way to stay active and an excuse to get outside this summer, going for a walk is the perfect activity! You can go for a nice sunset walk on the beach or for a hike on a scenic trail. This way, you’ll connect with nature while getting in some exercise.

Stay hydrated

Yes, staying hydrated is a no-brainer, but have you tried mindful hydration? Instead of guzzling down water mindlessly, pay attention to how and when you drink. Sip water slowly throughout the day rather than chugging large amounts at once. Add slices of fruits like lemon, cucumber, or other fruits for an extra boost of flavor and nutrients.

As the weather heats up during these summer months, staying hydrated is of the utmost importance. Drinking water will not only help prevent dehydration, it’s great for your skin! It helps balance the oils in your face, improves your circulation, and reduces puffiness.

It also helps boost your metabolism and will make exercising and staying active more efficient. Drink lots of fluids like water, sports drinks, juice, and smoothies to prevent dehydration in the summer heat!

Meal consistency

Most of our days are less structured now that school is out, but it’s important to still be eating enough balanced meals. They may be overwhelming to prepare, so my suggestion to keep them simple but not boring is breaking them into three categories: a protein, a vegetable, and a carb.

Prepare a protein such as beef, chicken, turkey, fish, yogurt, tofu, etc. You can prepare this in several different ways so it doesn’t get boring. Pair it with a vegetable such as broccoli, green beans, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, eggplant, spinach, artichoke, or corn.

Be sure to find a good recipe on how to season or cook the vegetables to make them taste good. And add a carb like potatoes, bread, white or brown rice, noodles, lentils, or even a banana. Now you’ve got yourself an easy and healthy meal!

Sleep schedule
Just like meals, our sleep schedule can also be thrown off now that our days are less structured. Our body’s biological clock, or Circadian Rhythm, relies on regular sleep patterns to function properly. Interrupting these cycles can lead to problems, including exhaustion, lack of concentration, and other health conditions in the future.

By having a consistent wake-up and bedtime, you are helping your body follow its natural processes and ensuring that you get quality rest. Having a good nighttime wind-down routine is a good way to maintain this schedule.


Exercising is a fun and healthy activity to keep busy and stay fit. Working out regularly has several physical and mental health benefits, like helping you feel energized and reducing your stress levels.

The gym is also a great social environment! It’s a good way to keep in touch with and see friends while school is out. Some gyms even offer free memberships to high school students during the summer, making it a more accessible option.

Hang up and hang out

I know how tempting it can be to spend your free time lying in bed on your phone, but don’t waste your summer mindlessly scrolling! Create memories by participating in real-life activities. Spend quality time with friends and family, find a new hobby, or volunteer. Immersing yourself in the world around you will provide you with a sense of fulfillment and promote personal growth.

Summer is the perfect time to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with reality. Aim for at least one day a week where you unplug from all electronic devices. Instead, engage in activities that promote mindfulness and creativity—read a book, write in a journal, or try a new hobby. Reducing screen time not only alleviates eye strain but also reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality.

Daily Stretching Routines

With longer days, there’s no excuse not to incorporate a daily stretching routine into your schedule. Stretching improves flexibility, reduces muscle tension, and enhances overall mobility. Whether it’s a morning yoga session or a few stretches before bed, consistent stretching can prevent injuries and promote better posture. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your body limber and agile all summer long.

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