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Young people must be fearless – Mugisha Jessy aspires to be a Deputy

Recently, the National Electoral Commission concluded the process of receiving applications from those wishing to be candidates for various positions, including the President and Deputies, in the elections scheduled for July 2024.

Among those who submitted their candidacies for various positions, particularly for deputies, there is a significant presence of youth who demonstrate that they have overcome their fear of political activities.

One of the candidates is Mugisha Jessy, who left a lasting impression on many due to his attire, as he arrived at the NEC wearing shorts.

Mugisha, who submitted his candidacy as an independent, indicated that he chose to embrace political activities to encourage others to do the same.

He said, “In truth, politics is a guiding principle, and everyone has politics. The way I am dressed reflects my guiding principles. It’s meant to dispel people’s fears.”

He highlighted that the President of the Country always encourages the youth, as the nation’s strength, to strive to serve and develop it. This inspired him to feel confident about contributing as a member of the Parliament.

He mentioned that he has traveled around Rwanda wearing shorts, which is his usual lifestyle, and he chose to dress this way to encourage others.

He continued, “I am not more passionate than others, nor do I love Rwandans more than others, but I am the one who dares to surpass others.”

Mugisha praised the achievements and the development that Rwanda has reached under the leadership of President Paul Kagame, emphasizing that the contribution of the youth is also necessary to preserve these accomplishments.

He expressed his joy in seeing many people overcoming their fears and submitting their candidacies, including students, motorcycle taxi drivers, farmers, and others who wish to join the Rwandan Parliament, calling on the youth to continue being fearless.

Mugisha stated that he is an investor in various ventures and a basketball coach, and he is confident in achieving victory in the deputy elections.

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