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At 22 years old, Uwineza Donatienne chose to become a motorcycle taxi driver

Uwineza Donatienne, a 22-year-old woman from the Mutenderi sector in the Ngoma district, decided to transport passengers on a motorcycle, a job she says supports her and provides everything she needs. She advises other girls to have confidence in themselves and to do what they love.

This young woman, who transports passengers in the city of Ngoma, says she grew up loving motorcycle riding, something that other people didn’t understand.

In an interview with KURA, she said that she started working as a motorcycle taxi driver after obtaining the necessary permits.

“Motorcycle riding is a really good job. For instance, I finished high school and first worked selling Mobile Money services. Then I decided to get the permits to ride a motorcycle. I got them and started this job because I’ve always loved it,” she said.

Uwineza explains that in the nine months she has been in this job, she managed to buy her own motorcycle after initially using someone else’s.

“I first used someone else’s motorcycle but then realized it would be better to have my own. I saved up and bought it, and now I use it. I save at least 40,000 Rwandan francs a week after eating, drinking, and solving various small issues,” she said.

Uwineza advises other girls to have the courage to do what they love, even if it is work traditionally perceived as being for boys. She said that when you do a job you love, you won’t notice the challenges because you are passionate about it.

“I would advise girls that there is no job a boy can do that a girl can’t. Whether it’s driving or the military, if you want to do it, you can, and you can do it well. I used to fear riding a motorcycle because they said it was a job for boys, but now I ride, and many passengers like me because I drive carefully,” she said.

Uwineza states that she hasn’t faced any significant obstacles in this job except for the surprise from some passengers when they see a woman riding a motorcycle. This, she says, motivates her because most of them appreciate the good service she provides.

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