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They built homes, re-enrolled children in schools, and fought malnutrition: The selfless acts of Youth Volunteers

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As Rwanda celebrates a decade of the Youth Volunteers’ impactful service, the nation reflects on the significant strides made in community development and social welfare by these dedicated young individuals. From constructing homes to combating malnutrition, their contributions have reshaped numerous lives across the country.

The youth group was created in 2013 to supplement the Rwanda National Police (RNP) community policing ideology through community awareness against crimes and supporting the country’s human security activities through Umuganda, environmental protection, and promoting healthy living, among others.

Volunteering and Volunteerism are strongly embedded in the Rwandan culture. Volunteerism in Rwanda’s tradition features self-help and mutual aid activities as well as caring for the weak and rendering community service. The main motivation behind volunteerism in Rwanda is to alleviate socio-economic constraints experienced by individuals or their communities and improve their quality of life.

Currently there are over 1.9 million youth Volunteers across the country

In the wake of natural disasters like flooding, many Rwandans found themselves without shelter.

“We have built houses for those who lost their homes due to flooding,” said Uwineza Kayumba Ysaline from the Sector of Remera in the Gasabo District, who joined the Youth Volunteers in 2016.

Besides housing, the volunteers have focused on the education sector by re-enrolling children in schools and providing them with necessary supplies. This initiative ensures that education continues uninterrupted, laying a strong foundation for the future.

Youth Volunteers gathered to celebrate a decade of tremendous progress

The volunteers contribute tremendously in many areas, such as child protection, prevention of sexual and gender-based violence, and running recreational activities for children.

Mukamasabo Gisele, a volunteer from the Butaro Sector in the Burera District, highlighted their efforts in agricultural sustainability. “We built kitchen gardens, contributed to building roads, and fought against water erosion,” she explained.

These gardens not only provide food but also teach families sustainable practices. Additionally, the volunteers have played a crucial role in combating childhood malnutrition, ensuring that future generations grow up healthy.

For many volunteers like Kabura Meschak from the Nyarugenge District, the decision to join was driven by a passion to assist those in need. “Being a youth volunteer is something that I am passionate about,” Kabura stated. His motivation stems from a desire to contribute to the nation’s progress, reflecting a common sentiment among the volunteers about their roles in fostering national development.

Claude Uwineza, who joined the Youth Volunteers in 2017, encapsulated the group’s mission: “All we do is to contribute to the wellness and well-being of all Rwandans.” This statement underlines the holistic approach taken by the volunteers, addressing various aspects of daily life and ensuring that every Rwandan has the opportunity to lead a healthy and productive life.

These young people not only had a passion to help but they did it willingly without any compensation being awaited.

Uwineza’s message to young people is to, “Give a helping hand without waiting for something in return,” he said, “As young people this is something that we can do for our country.”

Their work continues to inspire others, proving that youth can be pivotal in driving change and development within their nations.

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