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Most companies ask for a cover letter, make yours memorable

Most companies ask for a cover letter when applying to jobs, have you ever wondered why? They have your CV, they have some other application questions they asked, why do they need a cover letter?

A cover letter is the one thing that will set you apart from other applicants. You all answer the same questions, and you all submit resumes which sometimes may seem similar, but a cover letter will either make you memorable or forgettable.

Let’s make sure yours will be memorable through do’s and don’ts

Do: Show your personality

First off, be you! Yes, that sounds like advice your grandma would give, but seriously, your cover letter is your chance to shine bright. Inject your personality into the writing. Are you funny? Drop a light joke. Passionate about tech or any other field? Find a way to bring that into the topic. This makes your letter memorable and, dare we say, enjoyable to read!

Don’t: Write a novel

Keep it short and straight to the point. Hiring managers don’t have the time (or the caffeine levels) to read through all the pool of cover letters they receive. Aim for three to four concise paragraphs. Cover why you’re the perfect fit, how thrilled you’d be to work there, and what you bring to the table. This isn’t your autobiography.

Do: Customize

Nothing screams “I’m sending this to every company I am applying to” like a generic cover letter. Tailor it! Mention specific projects the company has worked on or values they stand for. This shows you’ve done your homework, and like a good detective, you’ve got the evidence to prove it.

Don’t: Restate your resume

Your cover letter isn’t a place to sell your resume. It’s the cover song, not the original track. Highlight experiences that specifically align with the job. Tell a story they haven’t read yet.

Do: Mind your manners

Always wrap up with a touch of gratitude. Thank them for considering your application and express eagerness about the possibility of discussing your application further.

Don’t: Ignore proofreading

Lastly, typos are the enemies of a good first impression. Spellcheck, then spellcheck again. Maybe have a friend—preferably the one who reads—take a look.

Your cover letter complements your resume by making it easy for the employer to see how your experience and interest connect to the position

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